Lord of the G-Strings

The Nerdlesque powerhouse that is Peepshow TO and Zilly Lilly Productions are bringing back the epic sensation The Lord of the G-Strings: A Tolkien Burlesque Tribute!

I had the pleasure of working with the Peepshow TO team and collaborated with their graphic designer Sevvy Skellington.  Together we pulled off two really fantastic posters to promote this upcoming event!  You can check out the final posters below, as well as a ‘making of’ video from our photoshoot!

You can catch myself and a cast of fantastic performers at The Lord of the G-Strings on May 20th at Revival in Toronto.  Get your tickets TODAY!




Leelando as Pinup Bettie

Leelando Calrissian is flaunting his feminine side with this week’s flirtatious photoset.  Bringing Bettie Page realness, this vintage-loving vixen is tight laced, tucked and totally in control.  Looks like man-candy, Matt Muir, needs a little lesson in discipline from Mistress Leelando.

You can catch drag/burlesque beauty Leelando at Spielberg-lesque on March 5th at the Great Hall in Toronto.  Click here to purchase tickets to this Peepshow TO production.

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography.


Level Up Your Lips

The producers of Peepshow TO have come out with a fabulous new line of matte lipsticks to help Level Up Your Lips!  Whether you are a Sevvy, Betty or Leelando, there is a shade for you in this new collection.  Perfect for perking up your cosplay or wear everyday to brighten your look!  You can get these fabulous lipsticks at the next Peepshow TO show, Super Smash Bras, which is this Saturday September 25th at the Great Hall in Toronto.





Sexy Han Solo

This week I bring you the Star Wars loving Burlesque Babe Delicia Pastiche in a tribute to galactic bad boy Han Solo.  Delicia is one of the amazing producers of Nerd Girl Burlesque, the trio who are bringing the biggest Sci-Fi show this city has ever seen!  Gams and Gamma Rays combines Science, Science Fiction and Burlesque for a spectacular night of nerdy entertainment.  Headlining this event is Gala Delicious, who was voted Most Beautiful at this year’s Great Burlesque Exposition in Michigan and Toronto’s own Coco Frambois.  There will also be a mini sci fi and science marketplace at the show with local sellers like Sciefeye Candy and Veelightful.  Now please enjoy this crossplay photoset of the delicious Delicia Pastiche as Han Solo…



HanSolo2_ small




Brittany as King Henry VIII

I’m so excited to finally share this photoset!  My amazing friend Brittany, who has a Masters in Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies and is a huge fan of Tudor History, Crossplayed her hero King Henry VIII for the burlesque show Bad Boys of History. I had the pleasure of creating the outer layers of this ensemble, the beautiful hat was made by Apollonie, and the pasties and g-string (with sparkly codpiece) were crafted by Delicia’s Delights.   I thoroughly enjoyed shooting Brittany and the lovely Scarlett LaFlamme, as Anne Boleyn, in this hilarious take on these historical figures.  Brittany completely embodies King Henry in these photos, and I have even added a few historical portraits to really emphasis the brilliance of her cosplay. Enjoy!









Lord of the G-Strings

In just a few short days the most epic Nerdlesque show to grace a Toronto stage will be taking place.  Lord of the G-Strings, a Tolkien inspired burlesque event will be taking place on Sunday May 17 at Revival in Toronto.  I will be playing the majestic role of Galadriel amongst a cast of all your favourite characters.

Doors at 8:30, Show at 9:00.  Click the poster below for tickets!


Dolly Monroe as Galadriel and Zilly Lilly as Ringwraith


Leelando as Rocketeer Bettie Page

This week’s photoset stars the captivating Leelando Calrissian shot by none other than myself!  Crossplayer extraordinaire Leelando gives us his take on Bettie Page as the Rocketeer.  With costume completely created by Leelando himself this pretty pinup embodies the classic comic creation with a gender-bending twist.  Enjoy!