2014: Reflecting on a Fabulous Year!

It’s hard to believe 2014 is finally coming to a close.  This year has been so full of joy and success, good times and great friends.  I have a new job which I love so much and is the start of a wonderful career.  I have the most amazing group of friends a girl could ever ask for, not to mention the cutest kitten on the planet.  And I’ve been able to express my creativity through so many amazing fashion photo shoots and design projects.  I performed in an international burlesque festival, got a giant mermaid tattoo, met two of my idols (Yaya Han and Tess Munster) and I even started this blog.   I can’t believe what a lucky girl I am and I feel so incredibly thankful to have had all these experiences.

So here we go.  This is my year in photos; memories from most of the big events, photo shoots, friends, lots and lots of friends and the most fabulous fashions.  Thank you for following my blog and I wish the happiest New Year to you all!

Meryle Trouble and Dolly Monroe as Jamie and Cersei Lannister. Photo by If You Fall Photography.
Meryle Trouble, Betty Quirk, Sevvy Skellington and Dolly Monroe preparing for our burlesque photo shoot with Hailey Freisen.
Me and Irene of “Petite Plus, Meow!” being models at the Dragon’s Den audition for Your Big Sister’s Closet.
Betty Quirk, Laura Desiree and Dolly Monroe shimmying at “Dances the Cramps Taught Us”.
Me getting tattooed by Suspira.
My beautiful mermaid tattoo from Suspiria.
Sam and I celebrating our birthdays together at the Science Centre.
My most famous photo of the year (and of all time) from If You Fall Photography.
Posing with my lovely friends Betty Quirk, Sevvy Skellington, Zilly Lilly, and Leelando Calrissian at the Nerdlesque Festival in New York City!
My favourite photo from my collaborations with the outstanding photographer Dana Brushette.
Meeting my model inspiration Tess Munster!
2014-05-18 05.01.06
I took the Iron Throne with help from Betty, Brittany and Sam!
My naughty Betty Page tribute photo shoot with If You Fall Photography.
Hanging out with designer Allie of Amplify Apparel and my awesome friends Leeland and Bri!
My first photo collaboration with Geoff Larkin.
Mermaid Pride at the Pride Parade with Meryle and Brittany.
Leeland and I being cute at Atomic Lollipop.
That one time my face was all over the TTC for the Taste of the Danforth Festival.
More fun photos with Geoff Larkin.
Silly friends Leeland and Sevvy at Fan Expo.
Fan Ex7
Meeting the cosplay Queen Yaya Han!
My first official Burlesque poster for the Garters of the Galaxy show.
The Gorgeous Dolly Monroe shows her flair with a Gloomth Clothing dress!!
Modelling for Gloomth Clothing with photographer Tyrone Islington.
Working hard at my cosmetics day job/taking selfies at work.
Bringing my favourite Fairy Tale to life in this Red Riding Hood photo shoot with Geoff Larkin.
Filming the Brick Wall Sessions videos with Betty Quirk.
Possibly my favourite photo of myself of all time from Geoff Larkin.
My Bent Beauty Supremes, Betty, Sevvy, Brittany and Trevor!
The Glamorous duo of Dolly Monroe and Laura Palmer of Betty Monroe Designs!
Best friend photo shoot with Betty Quirk, by Tyrone Islington.
I had to end with this photo of some of my most favourite people! Sam, Delicia, Betty, Scarlett, Taylor, Brittany, Sevvy, and Leelando!

Not A F***ing Christmas Show: December 19th

On Friday December 19th you can catch me and my partner in crime Betty Quirk in an amazing cabaret show by Meryle Trouble.  Just as the poster promises there will be musical ditties and a lil bit of titties! Betty and I will be doing lots of backup dancing as well as our famous Go-Go Cat Fight burlesque routine.

Tickets are $15 in advance/$20 at the door

9pm at the Flying Beaver Pubaret in Toronto

Tickets are available in advance by clicking on the poster below!






I have some very exciting news today…  I finally have my very own personal website!

I thought it was about time to start expanding the Dolly Monroe empire and the next logical step was to create a website. For now it is mostly full of photos from my modelling and design portfolios, but I have big plans and many exciting projects in the works that will eventually be up on the site.  I am so looking forward to what is to come and cannot wait to share more details with you lovelies.

Please check out www.MissDollyMonroe.com and share!


Art vs Alt Gala at Rosie the Rebel

Last wednesday I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favourite photos from my collaborations with If You Fall Photography displayed in the Art Vs Alt show at Rosie the Rebel!  It was a wonderful show filled with lots of very edgy, dark and musically inspired paintings, photographs and sculptures.  I had a wonderful time taking it all in and was honoured to be included in the show.  Thanks to Alex from If You Fall for making me look so damn cute!






Art Vs Alt Gala

Come out to Rosie The Rebel tomorrow night starting at 7pm for an exhibit of contemporary art inspired by alternative music subcultures that will include my “Dolly is a Punk Rocker” photo from If You Fall Photography!



Dolly’s Bettie Page Striptease: Part 4

This is the final set from my Bettie Page inspired Striptease photo shoot that I will be posting on this blog.  The last few images. which feature a helpless Dolly in bondage, have been deemed too racy to post here but fear not!  If You Fall Photography and Classically Curvy are currently working on a gallery show of the full Bettie Page set!  Stay tuned for more info and for now please enjoy these final shots!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Bettie15 Bettie16

Photos by If You Fall Photography

Dolly’s Bettie Page Striptease: Part 3

In part 3 of my Bettie Page inspired striptease photoset it’s time to strap on some fetish boots and have a little fun!
Part 1
Part 2





 Photos by If You Fall Photography

Dolly’s Bettie Page Striptease: Part 2

Part 2 of my Bettie Page inspired striptease!  This week the clothes come off…
Part 1





 Photos by If You Fall Photography

Dolly’s Bettie Page Striptease: Part 1

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing my “Ode to Bettie Page” striptease pinup set! 

Bettie Page is a huge  modelling inspiration to me.  She was the queen of posing and had the perfect face to match each look.  From fun and peppy, to sassy and seductive, Bettie’s range was astounding and diverse.  I hope I have done her justice in portraying the different moods and looks of Bettie.  Please enjoy the next few weeks of Bettie inspired photos!

Just as many of Bettie’s outfits were created by her, my outfit was designed and created by myself, from my outer layers to my under layers.  Photos by If You Fall Photography.





A Perfect 14

A wonderful new documentary is coming out about plus size models and our current beauty standards called A Perfect 14.  As a plus size woman I am so thrilled to see a new standard of beauty emerging in our culture.  It’s about time we stop putting a size on beauty and start respecting and celebrating the diversity of the female form.

 I wanted to share this photo set with you today because this is my Eff Your Beauty Standards moment.  At 210 lbs I could not be more happy with my body or the way I look.  Beauty has no size. I am proud of my body and I would rather spend every day loving and embracing myself than being frustrated that I don’t fit into the tiny box society has labeled “ideal”.  Who cares how much you weigh?  Who cares if your thighs rub together or your arms jiggle?  Why should that prevent you from feeling fabulous?  Don’t let anyone else’s beauty standards dictate your self worth.  Be yourself, love yourself and embrace who you are.

xoxo Dolly






Photos by If You Fall Photography