So Much Trouble, Meryle Trouble

The vivacious vixen Meryle Trouble is the model of the week.  Meryle is a talented actor and singer with lots of voice work under her belt.  If you want to hear that her sexy voice in action she is currently starring in two cartoons  Crack Duck and Parenthesis Humor.  You can hear her in both these series on Adult Swim [Canada]’s show Night Sweats, which will soon be airing on Adult Swim [US].

Meryle is also taking painting commissions and will be selling pre-made  paintings through her website starting in the next few weeks.  Follow Meryle on Instagram and Twitter for more updates!

Please enjoy some photos of the talented Meryle Trouble!

Hair by Natasha Kaye









Meryle Trouble

My beautiful, talented friend Meryle Trouble is the Dolly Shots model of the week!  Merlye is a fantastic singer, dancer, voice actor and generally creative person.  We shot a ton of stuff together during our most recent photoshoot and here is just a taste from our collaboration.   Enjoy!







2014: Reflecting on a Fabulous Year!

It’s hard to believe 2014 is finally coming to a close.  This year has been so full of joy and success, good times and great friends.  I have a new job which I love so much and is the start of a wonderful career.  I have the most amazing group of friends a girl could ever ask for, not to mention the cutest kitten on the planet.  And I’ve been able to express my creativity through so many amazing fashion photo shoots and design projects.  I performed in an international burlesque festival, got a giant mermaid tattoo, met two of my idols (Yaya Han and Tess Munster) and I even started this blog.   I can’t believe what a lucky girl I am and I feel so incredibly thankful to have had all these experiences.

So here we go.  This is my year in photos; memories from most of the big events, photo shoots, friends, lots and lots of friends and the most fabulous fashions.  Thank you for following my blog and I wish the happiest New Year to you all!

Meryle Trouble and Dolly Monroe as Jamie and Cersei Lannister. Photo by If You Fall Photography.
Meryle Trouble, Betty Quirk, Sevvy Skellington and Dolly Monroe preparing for our burlesque photo shoot with Hailey Freisen.
Me and Irene of “Petite Plus, Meow!” being models at the Dragon’s Den audition for Your Big Sister’s Closet.
Betty Quirk, Laura Desiree and Dolly Monroe shimmying at “Dances the Cramps Taught Us”.
Me getting tattooed by Suspira.
My beautiful mermaid tattoo from Suspiria.
Sam and I celebrating our birthdays together at the Science Centre.
My most famous photo of the year (and of all time) from If You Fall Photography.
Posing with my lovely friends Betty Quirk, Sevvy Skellington, Zilly Lilly, and Leelando Calrissian at the Nerdlesque Festival in New York City!
My favourite photo from my collaborations with the outstanding photographer Dana Brushette.
Meeting my model inspiration Tess Munster!
2014-05-18 05.01.06
I took the Iron Throne with help from Betty, Brittany and Sam!
My naughty Betty Page tribute photo shoot with If You Fall Photography.
Hanging out with designer Allie of Amplify Apparel and my awesome friends Leeland and Bri!
My first photo collaboration with Geoff Larkin.
Mermaid Pride at the Pride Parade with Meryle and Brittany.
Leeland and I being cute at Atomic Lollipop.
That one time my face was all over the TTC for the Taste of the Danforth Festival.
More fun photos with Geoff Larkin.
Silly friends Leeland and Sevvy at Fan Expo.
Fan Ex7
Meeting the cosplay Queen Yaya Han!
My first official Burlesque poster for the Garters of the Galaxy show.
The Gorgeous Dolly Monroe shows her flair with a Gloomth Clothing dress!!
Modelling for Gloomth Clothing with photographer Tyrone Islington.
Working hard at my cosmetics day job/taking selfies at work.
Bringing my favourite Fairy Tale to life in this Red Riding Hood photo shoot with Geoff Larkin.
Filming the Brick Wall Sessions videos with Betty Quirk.
Possibly my favourite photo of myself of all time from Geoff Larkin.
My Bent Beauty Supremes, Betty, Sevvy, Brittany and Trevor!
The Glamorous duo of Dolly Monroe and Laura Palmer of Betty Monroe Designs!
Best friend photo shoot with Betty Quirk, by Tyrone Islington.
I had to end with this photo of some of my most favourite people! Sam, Delicia, Betty, Scarlett, Taylor, Brittany, Sevvy, and Leelando!

Not A F***ing Christmas Show: December 19th

On Friday December 19th you can catch me and my partner in crime Betty Quirk in an amazing cabaret show by Meryle Trouble.  Just as the poster promises there will be musical ditties and a lil bit of titties! Betty and I will be doing lots of backup dancing as well as our famous Go-Go Cat Fight burlesque routine.

Tickets are $15 in advance/$20 at the door

9pm at the Flying Beaver Pubaret in Toronto

Tickets are available in advance by clicking on the poster below!





Atomic Lollipop 2014

Last weekend I had a wonderful time exploring the insanity that is Atomic Lollipop which took place at the Ontario Science Centre!  For those who don’t know what A Pop is, it is a convention that brings together cosplayers, ravers, nerds, gamers, larpers, lolita fashionistas, celebrity guests and so much more.  It’s really hard to describe what exactly A Pop is, so I’m going to let this video explain…

Personally, I had a great time going to panels about Gender, LGBT comics, Burlesque, Crossplay and Lolita fashion, seeing performances from Pizza Underground, Illuminair Entertainment and Boylesque TO, performing for Peepshow TO, checking out the amazing vendors, participating in a lightsaber battle and so much more!  Check out my insta-photos from last weekend’s Atomic Lollipop Con!

Myself and the amazing Leelando Calrissian who was crossplaying as Catwoman!
Pizza Underground played on Friday night. They play Velvet Underground covers but change the words to be about pizza. Oh and Macaulay Culkin is a band member.
They gave out free pizza!
Then I bought an Alpaca and I named him Al.
Bre Poisonne blew everyone away with her amazing Aerial Hoop performance!
Scarlet Black did a fire routine as Sailor Mars!
After obtaining our free lightsabers, we proceeded to the lightsaber battle outside!
So many lightsabers!
Brittany tried on a Red Panda Kigurumi!
And we saw Macaulay Culkin buy a Gloomy Bear Kigurumi!
To end Friday night the Boylesque boys did a little stripping for us. El Toro has a mighty fine behind!
On Saturday I returned to hang out with these lovely people.
Meryle Trouble, Sevvy Skellington, Leelando Calrissian and Charlie Quinn did an amazing panel about Crossplay and gender swap.
Leelando and I make a cute couple! 😉
On Saturday night I became my alter-ego Batwoman for the Peepshow TO show!
I had to get a photo in the red tunnel!
Harley and Batwoman post-show
On Sunday we were a bit more casual with our outfits.
We found Zilly Lily!
Betty Quirk and Sevvy Skellington did an awesome panel on the ABCs of Cosplay Striptease!
Finally I concluded the weekend with a gang of Alpacas! So Kawaiii!

World Pride: Drag Queens and Mermaids

This past weekend I had an absolutely fabulous time celebrating World Pride in Toronto!

As an openly bisexual woman it is so important to me to celebrate Pride and show my support as a member of the LGBT community.  I feel empowered being a part of such a humongous group of not just Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Trans people, but also all the weirdos, freaks, and artistic creative types like myself who were celebrating. It makes me feel like I am part of a much bigger community when I see such vast crowds of like-minded people declaring that they are proud to be who they are.  I was so happy that Toronto got to be the host for World Pride 2014 and I feel lucky to live in this great city where I do feel safe to be openly, genuinely ME!

The party started on Thursday evening.  I lined up early and got into the Starry Night event at the 519 Green Space where I had the pleasure of seeing Ru Paul’s Drag Race’s top 4 Queens from this season, Darienne Lake, Courtney Act, Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio, doing their thing on stage.  On Friday night I joined my friends at Exicted Mental State (aka EMS), the Toronto Rocky Horror cast, at their pride show.  The main event was the parade on Sunday, in which I strutted the parade route in my new self-made mermaid ensemble!

Hanging with my mermaid friend Brittany watching Drag Queens!

IMG_20140626_204924 IMG_20140701_122242

Darienne Lake
A surprise from behind! 😉
Courtney Act
Adore Delano
Courtney Act
Adore Delano
The headliner Bianca Del Rio, she was hilarious!
Hanging with my friend Meryle Trouble before she played Trixie and Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show!
Waiting for the Pride Parade to start on Sunday with Brittany
Ready to celebrate!
I found some beefy Trojan men!
Photo by Moxy Fruvous
Photo by Vanessa Sarges
My gorgeous gal pals!

Late Night Toon Tease

I had a blast this past saturday at the Peepshow TO Late Night Toon Tease Nerdlesque show!!  Performers stripped as their favourite adult cartoon characters such as Leela from Futurama, Jane Lane from Daria, Gimpy from Undergrads, Molotov Cocktease from Venture Brothers and so many more.  The show was amazing, with so many creative costumes, acts and song choices.  The stage, which was set with old school televisions, created such a lovely atmosphere to witness these cartoon characters coming to life.  Congrats to Peepshow TO on another wonderful show!

2014-06-14 09.19.58
Betty Quirk as Leela/Cloberella from Futurama
2014-06-14 09.26.06
Delyla Hotdamn as Dale Gribble from King of the Hill
2014-06-14 09.48.11
Maria Juana as Bender/Coilette from Futurama
2014-06-14 09.56.46
Tits Ahoy as Mastershake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
2014-06-14 10.04.04
Leelando Calrissian as Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Brothers
2014-06-14 10.09.29
Loretta Jean as Jane Lane from Daria
2014-06-14 10.46.13
Dr Tease as Sterling Archer from Archer
2014-06-14 10.50.21
Peepshow Fan Ajay Fry getting a birthday lap dance from Betty Quirk and Maria Juana
2014-06-14 10.55.33
Delicia Pastiche as Cheryl/Cherlene from Archer
2014-06-14 10.59.17
Sevvy Skellington as Gimpy from Undergrads
2014-06-14 11.05.03
Ginger Rigby & Helon of Tronna as Joan and Cleo from Clone High
2014-06-14 11.11.12
K.K Darko as Dr. Rockso from Metalocalypse
2014-06-14 11.23.07
Zilly Lilly as Molotov Cocktease from Venture Brothers
2014-06-14 11.31.14
Sky Blew as Xandir from Drawn Together
2014-06-14 11.57.31
Me with Abe from Clone High

Meryle Trouble’s Psychedelic Floral Dress

I love making outfits for Meryle Trouble because she always has such wonderfully creative ideas!  About a year ago Meryle came to me with the psychedelic 60s floral fabric and let me run wild with it.  The result was this fabulous, fun dress!  I love the way this look turned out and Meryle is totally rocking it!

Photo by Who Do You Love Photography



Peepshow Clipshow!

I am so excited to be part of the Peepshow Clipshow this coming Saturday May 3rd at the Drake Underground in Toronto!  For those who don’t know, PeepshowTO is one of the best Nerdlesque troupes and regularly puts on sold-out shows with themes like Marvelesque, Tarantino Tease and Apocalust.  The Peepshow Clipshow is going to be a compilation of some of the best acts from past shows.  I will be performing as Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones. You won’t want to miss this event, seriously, I highly recommend getting tickets in advance because it’s very likely that this show will sell out!

Click the poster below to purchase tickets!



Photos by If You Fall Photography

Burlesque Photos with Haley Friesen

A few months ago myself and a bunch of my burlesque pals (Betty Quirk, Sevvy Skellington, Meryle Trouble and Dante Him) had a burlesque themed photoshoot with Haley Frisen for her thesis project and here are some of the results!   Check out the rest of her amazing portfolio at