Atomic Lollipop 2014

Last weekend I had a wonderful time exploring the insanity that is Atomic Lollipop which took place at the Ontario Science Centre!  For those who don’t know what A Pop is, it is a convention that brings together cosplayers, ravers, nerds, gamers, larpers, lolita fashionistas, celebrity guests and so much more.  It’s really hard to describe what exactly A Pop is, so I’m going to let this video explain…

Personally, I had a great time going to panels about Gender, LGBT comics, Burlesque, Crossplay and Lolita fashion, seeing performances from Pizza Underground, Illuminair Entertainment and Boylesque TO, performing for Peepshow TO, checking out the amazing vendors, participating in a lightsaber battle and so much more!  Check out my insta-photos from last weekend’s Atomic Lollipop Con!

Myself and the amazing Leelando Calrissian who was crossplaying as Catwoman!
Pizza Underground played on Friday night. They play Velvet Underground covers but change the words to be about pizza. Oh and Macaulay Culkin is a band member.
They gave out free pizza!
Then I bought an Alpaca and I named him Al.
Bre Poisonne blew everyone away with her amazing Aerial Hoop performance!
Scarlet Black did a fire routine as Sailor Mars!
After obtaining our free lightsabers, we proceeded to the lightsaber battle outside!
So many lightsabers!
Brittany tried on a Red Panda Kigurumi!
And we saw Macaulay Culkin buy a Gloomy Bear Kigurumi!
To end Friday night the Boylesque boys did a little stripping for us. El Toro has a mighty fine behind!
On Saturday I returned to hang out with these lovely people.
Meryle Trouble, Sevvy Skellington, Leelando Calrissian and Charlie Quinn did an amazing panel about Crossplay and gender swap.
Leelando and I make a cute couple! 😉
On Saturday night I became my alter-ego Batwoman for the Peepshow TO show!
I had to get a photo in the red tunnel!
Harley and Batwoman post-show
On Sunday we were a bit more casual with our outfits.
We found Zilly Lily!
Betty Quirk and Sevvy Skellington did an awesome panel on the ABCs of Cosplay Striptease!
Finally I concluded the weekend with a gang of Alpacas! So Kawaiii!

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