Clowning Around with Sam and Fannie pt 2

A couple of clowns came by the Dolly Shots Studio for a celebration!

Sam Wise and Fannie Fullenweider are burlesque/drag clowns who perform solo and as an incredible duet! These two bring so much energy and joy, it was such a pleasure to work with them on this shoot!

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Models Sam Wise & Fannie Fullenweider
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography


Call Me Champagna, Newfound Lad and Kingchella

At the end of 2022 I had the pleasure of photographing three incredible drag artists from Season 2 of Call Me Mother, Champagna, Newfound Lad and Kingchella. These three are such beautiful humans and we had a lovely time making some sensual art together!

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Models Champagna, Newfound Lad and Kingchella
Shot at Love Bird Loft
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

Looking Back on 2022

I am so proud of the work I accomplished this year with Dolly Shots Photography!

It was my most successful year to date, with a total of 40 shoots completed! I had at least one photoshoot every month and February was the busiest month with 6 shoots altogether. Some photos you’ve seen, some are for private clients and some have yet to be revealed. I worked with more new clients than ever before and made incredible connections that I truly cherish.

Even though the world continues to be a confusing and scary place I feel like this year I gained a lot of my confidence back as a photographer and an artist. The previous two years were challenging, but this year I made an effort to pursue my passion and I have honestly never been happier in my life!

I feel I have gained incredible momentum in 2022 and my dreams for next year are to continue to grow my photography business and to gain more knowledge and skills as a photographer.

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