Marie Antoinette in the Garden

Happy Halloween!!

This year for Halloween I decided to embody the pinnacle of extravagance and luxury; the Queen Bitch herself, Marie Antoinette.   I made this fun little costume for a screening of Marie Antoinette I performed at recently with the Ladies of Burlesque at the Royal Cinema.  Guild Park and Gardens in Toronto served as the perfect setting for this shoot.  Enjoy!

Photos by Tyrone Islington Photography

2017-10_Dolly-Monroe (4)

2017-10_Dolly-Monroe (6)

2017-10_Dolly-Monroe (9)

2017-10_Dolly-Monroe (10)

2017-10_Dolly-Monroe (12)

2017-10_Dolly-Monroe (14)

2017-10_Dolly-Monroe (15)

2017-10_Dolly-Monroe (16)

2017-10_Dolly-Monroe (28)

2017-10_Dolly-Monroe (32)

I Have Misplaced My Pants: A Classic Simpsons Burlesque Tribute

It’s that time again, the next PeepshowTO production is this Friday, June 9th at the Great Hall in Toronto and if you are a fan of The Simpsons you are not going to want to miss this one!!

Back for another classic Simpsons Burlesque Tribute the amazing cast and crew of PeepshowTO are pulling out all the stops!   We’ve got your favourite Simpsons characters, doughnuts from Glory Hole Doughnuts, prizes, and a few other tricks up our sleeves.  I will be performing a brand new duet with the amazing Burlesque Drag King Henrietta VIII that you won’t want to miss.  Tickets are almost completely sold out, so if you still haven’t gotten your GET THEM NOW!!! 

See you there!





Ladies of Burlesque Presents Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me

Tomorrow evening at the Royal Cinema in Toronto Ladies of Burlesque will be screening the classic David Lynch film and prequel to Twin Peaks; Fire Walk With Me.  There will also be a very special Burlesque pre-show featuring Betty Quirk and I as Shelly and Norma and the gorgeous Zilly Lilly as the Log Lady.

To get you in the mood here are some photos from our Fire Strip with Me show last month from Photolena!









Dolly Monroe A-Go-Go

I am so happy to share these 60s Go-Go inspired photos with you!  This is the final set I shot with the incredible Photolena and is definitely my favourite.








2016: A Slightly Less Fabulous Year

2016 was a really hard year for everyone.  It certainly wasn’t a year I will look back on fondly for many reasons.  However, as I sifted through the photos for this post, there were many moments of laughter and fun sprinkled throughout.  I always like to look on the bright side and so despite everything we’ve been through, here are some happy memories and pictures from 2016.

This year I traveled to New York, Montreal and Mexico!  I had a wonderful time modelling for Raezor Latex and participating with them in Montreal Fetish Weekend.  I performed in four spectacular Peepshow TO productions, three of which involved choreographing brand new group/duet routines with some of the most amazing Nerdlesque performers I know.  I met my personal fashion inspiration Dita Von Teese!  I got three new tattoos, including one that I got with my mom of the two of us as matryoshka dolls.  I further developed my portfolio as a model and as a photographer.  I made three wedding dresses and got to see two of my best friends marry each other!

I guess this year wasn’t so bad after all.  Here’s to an even better 2017!  Happy New Year!

Henrietta VIII, Delicia Pastiche and myself performing our Eeveelutions act at Peepshow Go, Photo by Lick My Lens Cap
Sleep No More in New York City
Betty Quirk and I meeting Dita Von Teese
Photo by Objektiv Photography for Raezor Latex
Charlie Quinn, Dante Legend, Sky Blew, Betty Quirk and I performing at a Yacht Club Party
A lovely drawing of me from a very talented fan!
Delicia Pastiche (Flareon), Henrietta VIII (Vaporeon) and Me (Eevee) by Tyrone islington Photography
I got my kitty Glinda tattooed on my leg
My amazing girl friends took me out for high tea for my birthday!
Photo by Photolena
Delicia Pastiche, Loretta Jean, Zilly Lilly, Dew Lily, Sevvy Skellington, Betty Quirk and I performing our Catch me if you Can act at Speilberglesque
Decked out in Sari’s at Sam and Trevor’s Mandvo
Chow Mein’s Wedding!
Photo by Yuli Scheidt for Primaala
Performing as one of Leelando Calrissian’s beach babes in Dundas Square for Pride
Vampira at Halloween
Poster girl for Peepshow GO, Photo by Lick my Lens Cap
Drinking mimosas in Mexico!
Ewok crew (Helena Trona, Zilly Lilly, Shaanlesque, Loretta Jean and I) at Revenge of the Strip: A Star Wars Burlesque
Dolly Shots Photography with Gala Delicious and Delicia Pastiche
Mother Daughter Tattoos!
Another amazing drawing by Bryce Hallet
Model: Dolly Monroe Tyrone islington Photography©, 2016 All Rights Reserved
Photo by Tyrone Islington
Tulum, Mexico with Sevvy Skellington and Betty Quirk
Photo by Photolena
Sam in the wedding dress I made for her!
Sam in the other wedding dress I made for her!  (what a doll!)
Pinup Tattoo by Genevieve FT
Photo by Photolena
Congrats to Sam and Trevor on their amazing wedding!
My Girl Gang at our fav brunch spot!

Sam and Trevor: JUST MARRIED!

I can barely remember when I first met Sam and Trevor because it feels like we’ve known each other forever.  I do, however, remember that upon being told of their engagement I was quite surprised since I had no idea they were even dating!  This pair has always been quite private about their relationship, which, in a world where all our interactions are broadcast online, is quite a rare thing.  Knowing all that, how lucky am I to have been invited to snap some shots of this lovely couple being publicly romantic for their engagement photos?!  These photos are even more special since they were taken at Honest Eds, a cherished Toronto landmark which will see its demise at the end of this year.

It’s been a long time since I first learned of their engagement and in that time I have grown to know and love Sam and Trevor as the incredible, kind, loving (and sarcastic) people that they are.  I can’t imagine two people who compliment each other more perfectly.  Trevor is the calm in the storm.  He is patient and thoughtful and wise.  Sam is a little firecracker!  She is passionate and outspoken and a fierce friend.  They are the perfect Ying and Yang.  These two were meant to be in a way I have never seen in any other two people and it feels as if they have been married for years when in fact it’s been only a matter of hours!

Sam and Trevor, I wish you both a long and happy marriage filled with joy and compassion and love!  Congratulations Sam and Trevor!!


Eeveelutions: Gotta Catch em All!

My Eeveelution friends and I took a little stroll through High Park with Tyrone Islington to take some fun photos!  Delicia Pastiche as Flareon, Henrietta VIII as Vaporeon and myself as Eevee perform together in an Eeveelution Nerdlesque Act in these fun burlesquified Pokemon Cosplays.  We had a lot of fun, and met a lot of dogs, during this photoshoot!  I’m so happy to share these photos with you!

Photos by Tyrone Islington