It’s February and it feels like the winter will never end.  Mountains of snow and ice are piled up in every corner, framing every sidewalk and path. Each step is delicate and calculated.  Every movement is slow and steady.  And I am dreaming of sandcastles…

Back in the summer of 2018 I shot some incredible photos with the magnificent team that is Khristianina and Katherine Bermudo.  Sisters with an eye for design who work both independently and together to create wonderful imagery.  Khristianina is the talented photographer behind Barefaced Creative and specializes in capturing moments, emotion and detail.  Katherine is a phenomenal graphic artist and creative visionary who I have worked with many times and who designed this blog as well as my personal website  The three of us together on a beach was the perfect combination to create something truly special!

I hope you enjoy this week’s photoset and I look forward to sharing the rest with you as the snow melts around us!  Enjoy!

Outfit by Raezor Latex
Photos by Barefaced Creative








Beach Babe: Erica Peck

I am thrilled to be featuring another beautiful, new face on my blog this week, the actress, singer and vintage clothing maven; Erica Peck!

I met up with Erica, who was lugging a huge bag of fantastic vintage clothing from her company Wild Thing Vintage, and together we ventured down to Ash Bridges Bay in Toronto to take some fun beachy shots.  You can catch Erica on stage at the Statford Festival playing Magenta in the Rocky Horror Picture Show until the beginning of December!

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography, with assistance by Bri Playter