Raezor Latex: Nouveau Collection

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of travelling to Montreal with a gang of sexy ladies and the Raezor Latex crew for Montreal Fetish Weekend!  We had a wonderful time showing off the newest collection from Raezor which is Art Nouveau themed and includes incredibly intricate laser cut lingerie designs.  The level of both technical skill and stunning aesthetic design in this collection is mind blowing.  I was thrilled to help model this sexy latex lingerie and participate in the fashion show and other fetish events throughout the weekend.  You can purchase the latex pieces below by clicking here!

Photographer: Objektiv Photography
Hair and Makeup: Ilana Solomon
Models: Erica Furness, Blair DeVorr, Michelle Wade, Ruby Rea, Harmony Kay, Lady Shayne, Keely Propp and Dolly Monroe




It’s summer in the city and boy is it hot!  Luckily I’ve got my trusty fan and a fabulous collection of clothing from Primaala to keep me looking and feeling cool.  Primaala caters to a high-end, modern, plus size fashionista clientele.  Their designs are sleek and sophisticated with clean lines and rich fabrics.  I had the pleasure of shooting this amazing selection of outfits with the help of the Fashion Canadiana herself, Vanessa Petey.  Vanessa is a fashion blogger with a focus on Canadian made clothing who has been exploring all facets of the fashion industry including a focus on Plus Size Fashion.  Vanessa introduced me to two amazing women, Rachel Holt, the woman behind this fantastic plus size store/clothing line and Yuli Scheidt, curvy goddess and photographer extraordinaire.   I had a lovely time working with these incredible women and am so happy to share the final results!

Outfitted by Primaala
Directed by Fashion Canadiana
Photographed by Yuli Scheidt















Love, Poetry Corsets

 As an avid wearer of corsets I was thrilled to have the opportunity to model for the company Love, Poetry Corsets.  Their unique designs come in a beautiful array of fabrics and their shapes hug the body and flatter the figure.  I got to model this steampunk inspired, overbust corset with a sweetheart neckline and back lacing.





Scaille Maille

My amazingly multitalented friend Poisonne has recently exploded the internet with her awesome collection of scale jewelry and clothing called Scaille Maille.  These stunning creations are like dragon skin that has been skillfully tailored to the human form.  With necklaces, gauntlets, bras, harnesses and even neck ties in her collection there is something in any style for the adventurous warrior in us all!  Each piece is custom made to the size and colour you desire, with many beautiful colours to choose from including my favourites pink and the very mermaidy turqoise.  Prices range from $68 to $90 for the smaller pieces and $160 to $900 for the larger more elaborate work.  Well worth the money when you see the quality of craftsmanship and unique beauty in each item.  I really can’t say enough good things about Poisonne’s work and I highly recommend you check out her etsy shop and snag some of these killer pieces for yourself!







  Photographed by Voinea Ng

Makeup by Valhalla’s Beauty

Modeled by Poisonne

Dragon’s Den Audition

This past Saturday I was had the opportunity to model for the amazing Karen Ward and her company Your Big Sister’s Closet at their Dragon’s Den audition.  Our 16 gorgeous plus sized models rocked the audition with a fabulous fashion show and Karen made an excellent pitch to the show’s producers.  We also had a lot of fun hamming it up for the camera guys who were filming the behind the scenes process. Check out these photos of Karen and her angels!

A bevy of beauties!
Cheering for Dragon’s Den!
My beautiful outfit!
Karen Ward looking so chic!
Myself and fashion blogger Irene http://petiteplusmeow.wordpress.com/
Fashion blogger Alexandria (http://www.notafraidtowearheels.tumblr.com/) and the super stylist Kayla
Blogger Celeste http://www.bakingbutterhappiness.com
I am definitely feeling Curvy and Confident in this outfit!

Celluloid Sleaze

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Great Canadian Girlesque Expo at the Mod Club in Toronto.  One of the best parts of the event, besides of course the amazingly talented performers, was that I finally got a chance to see the jewelry line Celluloid Sleaze in person.  I have been following the lovely Aviva and Sarah’s instagram posts of their new line of necklaces, earrings and broaches and drooling over their chunky plastic, 60s inspired designs.  I love the fun, bright colours of each piece with designs that include cherries, flowers, leaves, dominos, skulls, fruits, birds and even a pickle pin! These accessories are the cherry on top of the perfect pin-up outfit.

1526246_10202382258832259_2021690600_n (1)
Celluloid Sleaze Designers Sarah & Aviva showing off their wares

The necklace I had been pining for was a very popular design and sold right away, so instead I picked up this charming piece.  I love the shape of the leaf bangles and the black & white colour scheme works so nicely with any outfit.  I will definitely be adding more of their jewelry to my personal collection!

Wearing my Celluloid Sleaze Necklace!

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