The Ladies of Nerd Girl Burlesque

It has been a pleasure to share with you my photos of the lovely ladies of Nerd Girl Burlesque!  This week’s final photoset features all four producers for the troupe, Henrietta VIII, Helen of Tronna, Delicia Pastiche and Loretta Jean, along with their fabulous MC Reddy TaRumble.

The Nerd Girls have a busy schedule coming up with their show Level Up- An Evening of Video Game Burlesque on August 25th at See-Scape, Nerd Girl Burlesque Fan Exposed on September 1st at the Rec Room Toronto, and Page Turners and Tassel Twirlers on September 17th  at Revival.








Beyond the Valley of the Dolls with Dottie Champagne featuring Bianca Boom Boom

Dottie Champagne and Bianca Boom Boom are ready for a slumber party in this week’s final Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Photoset!

It has been such a pleasure to share my Beyond the Valley of the Dolls photos with you over the past few months.  My beautiful Dolls were a vision in their vintage attire and I’m so thankful for having the chance to work with Dottie, Bianca, Ivory, Betty and Sevvy.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some photos I took of the lovely ladies of Nerd Girl Burlesque, so stay tuned!

For now, I leave you with the divine Dottie Champagne featuring Bianca Boom Boom!  Both these babes will be back again in the fall with my next photoshoot theme Bondage Bombshells!  Keep coming back because you won’t want to miss a thing!

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts
Lighting and Setup by Zach Garand
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography







Bianca Boom Boom and Ivory in Furs

Bianca Boom Boom and Ivory are a couple of knockouts in this week’s sultry photoset.  Draped only in luxurious faux-fur these babes aren’t afraid to show a little flesh. You can see both these burlesque beauties on May 7th at Revival for Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them: Wizarding Burlesque.

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts
Lighting and Setup by Zach Garand
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography



Fireball St Stella

The gorgeous St Stella is back this week for another frisky photoset!

This bubbly, bendy, burlesque babe will be performing all over the city this holiday season.  You can catch Stella on December 10th at the Painted Lady for the Decadence Holiday show, on December 16th at Swan Dive for her Birthday FUNraiser and on New Years eve you’ll be sure to see her can-caning around the Moulin Rouge (aka the Gladstone Hotel).  There are so many opportunities to see this gal live in action, but for today here are some still shots to give you a tease.


2015: Another Fabulous Year!

2015 was a spectacular year for me!  I went to New York City, Orlando, Montreal and Detroit.  I performed in the Girlesque Expo, the Toronto Burlesque Festival and Pride Toronto.  I got three new tattoos including a BFF tattoo with Betty Quirk.  I watched one of my best friends get married.  I launched Dolly Shots Photography.  But most importantly I had a blast doing all these things with my fabulous friends.

The theme of this year for me was Girl Power!  I continue to surround myself with the smartest, funniest and coolest group of gals who are constantly inspiring me.  They are loving and supportive and always there to give advice, encouragement or share a cute cat photo!  I feel so lucky and blessed to have these women in my life.

I have big plans ahead for next year!  Stay tuned for more fabulousness in 2016!


Betty Quirk and I performed our Two Little Gold Diggers act at the Girlesque Expo, The Toronto Burlesque Festival and Pride this year.


I went on a wonderful trip to NYC with these gals.  I saw Hedwig with John Cameron Mitchell and Sleep No More.


My brilliant illustrator friend Bryce Hallett did a lot of amazing drawings of me this year.


Go Go Girl photo by Tyrone Islington


Delicia Pastiche, Maria Juana and I at the Lord of the G-Strings burlesque show!


My first official Dolly Shots Photoshoot with Delicia Pastiche.

Dolly Munroe

Mademoiselle Dolly photo by DWS Photography


My beautiful shell tattoo from Nikko Adams.  Photo by Teri G


Posing with Ariel at Disney World on my Orlando work trip!


Mermaid Chibis of myself and Brittany from Atomic Lollipop.


When Betty and I won the Project Furby contest at Atomic Lollipop.


Joan from Mad Men photo by Elizabeth Horodnyk


Hanging out with Mong Tho and Delicia Pastiche at Beatlesque.


Bathing Beauty photo by Geoff Larkin


Second new tattoo of the year at the Montreal Tattoo Expo.  Tattoo by Clifton Boggs.


Hanging out with Delicia and Sarah in Montreal and eating all the food!


60s Dolly Photo by Tyrone Islington


Spending summer days at Christie Pitts Film Festival.


Mom won box seats for Foo Fighters! Best concert of the year!


Dolly in Blue photo by Tyrone Islington


Taste of the Danforth with my Squad.


Modeling for Gloomth photo by Tyrone Islington


Betty and I got to meet Miss Fame!


Brittany, Robin, Delicia and I on our way to Theatre Bizarre.


Eeveelesque at the Peepshow Nintendo show! Photo by Lick My Lens Cap.


Brittany’s Wedding!! With myself, Sara and Abi as her bridal party.


The beautiful bride!


Best friend forever tattoos with Betty Quirk! Tattoos by Amy Bliska.


Meeting Fashion Santa!!


My amazing Girl Gang!