Babes of Burlesque

Spring has sprung and the Babes of Burlesque are here to prove it!

I’ve got a gorgeous new gaggle of gals to feature in the coming weeks and I’m so excited to give you a tease in this week’s post!

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography with assistance from Kate Garand

Let’s meet the ladies!

Charlie Quinn


Ruby Moon


Dottie Champagne


Saint Stella


Knox Harter





Fireball St Stella

The gorgeous St Stella is back this week for another frisky photoset!

This bubbly, bendy, burlesque babe will be performing all over the city this holiday season.  You can catch Stella on December 10th at the Painted Lady for the Decadence Holiday show, on December 16th at Swan Dive for her Birthday FUNraiser and on New Years eve you’ll be sure to see her can-caning around the Moulin Rouge (aka the Gladstone Hotel).  There are so many opportunities to see this gal live in action, but for today here are some still shots to give you a tease.


Burlesque Photoshoot

Myself and three of my best gal pals (Betty Quirk, Meryle Trouble and Sevvy Skellington) had an amazing photo shoot on Sunday with up and coming photographer extraordinaire Haley Friesen as part of her thesis project. I can’t say much more except that the shoot was burlesque themed and we were asked to stick with a pale pink/blue colour pallet. We each put our own spin on the theme and we ended up with some really fun outfits. We were also joined by dancer/boylesque newbie Dante Him, who added some masculine energy (and buttocks) to our very girly shoot. I’m so excited to see the final photo results. For now, here are some behind the scenes teasers!

Dolly Monroe, Meryle Trouble, Betty Quirk, Sevvy Skellington
Meryle Trouble, Betty Quirk, Sevvy Skellington, Dolly Monroe
Betty Quirk and Meryle Trouble
Dolly Monroe and Sevvy Skellington
Dante Him and Dolly Monroe
Betty Quirk and Meryle Trouble with boy-toy Dante Him
Sevvy, Dante, Betty
The gorgeous Sevvy Skellington
Betty, Dante and Meryle being posed by Haley
Haley makes us look good!
Bow Chica Bow Wow…
Oh my!