Beyond the Valley of the Dolls with Sevvy Skellington

The sultry Sevvy Skellington is in a daze from all those dolls on this week’s Beyond the Valley of the Dolls photoset!

This Nerdlesque producer and performer is part of the Peepshow TO team who are hard at work on their next production I Have Misplaced My Pants: A Classic Simpsons Burlesque Tribute.  With Simpsons superfan Sevvy’s eye on this production it is certain to be jam packed with hilarious references and saucy impressions of your favourite Simpsons characters!

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts
Lighting and Setup by Zach Garand
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography







Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

I’m back from a refreshing break with a new energy and some tricks up my sleeve!

I am so excited to share the photos from my latest photoshoot with you!  As always, I drew a lot of my inspiration from Russ Meyer and so, since I’ve already done The Valley of the Dolls, this new set is called Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

These gorgeous burlesque beauties were the perfect models for this 60s nostalgic theme and it was an absolutely pleasure capturing Bianca Boom Boom, Sevvy Skellington, Betty Quirk, Dottie Champagne and Ivory in this pink dream set.

Please enjoy the first instalment of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls…

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts
Lighting and Setup by Zach Garand
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography


Peepshow GO: A Pokémon Burlesque Tribute

Are you ready to be the very best, like no one ever was?  Start your Poke-journey with a Poke-stop at Peepshow GO!  All your favourite Pokemon will be shaking it on stage while you enjoy non-stop Poke-lures, Potion cocktails and a chance to win a Pokemon Kigarumi!!

Join us on Saturday, September 17th at the Great Hall in Toronto.  Due to popular demand, we are doing TWO SHOWS!!

To purchase tickets for the Early Show, CLICK HERE!
To purchase tickets for the Late Show, CLICK HERE!





Sultry Sevvy

The sultry Sevvy Skellington is this week’s model for Dolly Shots Photography.  In this set you can see the incredible black and grey tattoos covering Sevvy’s body, done by Damian Campagnaro.  Sevvy has a true alternative beauty and totally rocks her unique style.


Pinup Perfection with Sevvy

The beautiful blue haired Sevvy Skellington is the model of the week!  Sevvy is an artist, working in set and graphic design.  She is also a work of art herself, with a striking alternative beauty.  Sevvy is also co-producer and performer for Peepshow TO.  You can see her perform this summer at Revenge of the Strip: A Star Wars Burlesque Tribute.  Please enjoy these pinup pics of Sevvy Skellington!

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography



It’s almost time for the next PeepshowTO Production!  Spielberg-lesque is a must see show featuring Burlesque routines based on characters from Steven Spielberg’s cinematic repertoire.  Jurassic Parts?  We’ve got em!  Jugs?  You know it!  Indiana Bones?  You better believe it!

I am so excited to be performing in an amazing group number with some very talented ladies and gentlemen!  We will certainly take you on a ride you won’t want to miss!  Here’s a little teaser photo from our rehearsal yesterday…


When: March 5th 2016
Where: The Great Hall in Toronto
Who: Betty Quirk, Bianca Boom Boom, Cerise Noir, Delicia Pastiche, Dew Lily, Dolly Monroe, Dr. Tease, Fatti LaBelle, Henrietta VIII, Leelando Calrissian, Loretta Jean, Naughty Nezumi, Sevvy Skellington, Sky Blew, Veronica Vile, Zilly Lilly
Featuring Special Guest: Jeez Loueez (Chicago)

Tickets are on sale now!! Purchase them by clicking on any of the fantastic posters below…


Level Up Your Lips

The producers of Peepshow TO have come out with a fabulous new line of matte lipsticks to help Level Up Your Lips!  Whether you are a Sevvy, Betty or Leelando, there is a shade for you in this new collection.  Perfect for perking up your cosplay or wear everyday to brighten your look!  You can get these fabulous lipsticks at the next Peepshow TO show, Super Smash Bras, which is this Saturday September 25th at the Great Hall in Toronto.





Reflecting on a Fabulous Year!

It’s hard to believe 2014 is finally coming to a close.  This year has been so full of joy and success, good times and great friends.  I have a new job which I love so much and is the start of a wonderful career.  I have the most amazing group of friends a girl could ever ask for, not to mention the cutest kitten on the planet.  And I’ve been able to express my creativity through so many amazing fashion photo shoots and design projects.  I performed in an international burlesque festival, got a giant mermaid tattoo, met two of my idols (Yaya Han and Tess Munster) and I even started this blog.   I can’t believe what a lucky girl I am and I feel so incredibly thankful to have had all these experiences.

So here we go.  This is my year in photos; memories from most of the big events, photo shoots, friends, lots and lots of friends and the most fabulous fashions.  Thank you for following my blog and I wish the happiest New Year to you all!


Meryle Trouble and Dolly Monroe as Jamie and Cersei Lannister. Photo by If You Fall Photography.


Meryle Trouble, Betty Quirk, Sevvy Skellington and Dolly Monroe preparing for our burlesque photo shoot with Hailey Freisen.


Me and Irene of “Petite Plus, Meow!” being models at the Dragon’s Den audition for Your Big Sister’s Closet.


Betty Quirk, Laura Desiree and Dolly Monroe shimmying at “Dances the Cramps Taught Us”.


Me getting tattooed by Suspira.


My beautiful mermaid tattoo from Suspiria.


Sam and I celebrating our birthdays together at the Science Centre.


My most famous photo of the year (and of all time) from If You Fall Photography.


Posing with my lovely friends Betty Quirk, Sevvy Skellington, Zilly Lilly, and Leelando Calrissian at the Nerdlesque Festival in New York City!


My favourite photo from my collaborations with the outstanding photographer Dana Brushette.


Meeting my model inspiration Tess Munster!

2014-05-18 05.01.06

I took the Iron Throne with help from Betty, Brittany and Sam!


My naughty Betty Page tribute photo shoot with If You Fall Photography.


Hanging out with designer Allie of Amplify Apparel and my awesome friends Leeland and Bri!


My first photo collaboration with Geoff Larkin.


Mermaid Pride at the Pride Parade with Meryle and Brittany.


Leeland and I being cute at Atomic Lollipop.


That one time my face was all over the TTC for the Taste of the Danforth Festival.


More fun photos with Geoff Larkin.


Silly friends Leeland and Sevvy at Fan Expo.

Fan Ex7

Meeting the cosplay Queen Yaya Han!


My first official Burlesque poster for the Garters of the Galaxy show.

The Gorgeous Dolly Monroe shows her flair with a Gloomth Clothing dress!!

Modelling for Gloomth Clothing with photographer Tyrone Islington.


Working hard at my cosmetics day job/taking selfies at work.


Bringing my favourite Fairy Tale to life in this Red Riding Hood photo shoot with Geoff Larkin.


Filming the Brick Wall Sessions videos with Betty Quirk.


Possibly my favourite photo of myself of all time from Geoff Larkin.


My Bent Beauty Supremes, Betty, Sevvy, Brittany and Trevor!

The Glamorous duo of Dolly Monroe and Laura Palmer of Betty Monroe Designs!

Best friend photo shoot with Betty Quirk, by Tyrone Islington.


I had to end with this photo of some of my most favourite people! Sam, Delicia, Betty, Scarlett, Taylor, Brittany, Sevvy, and Leelando!

The Night is Dark and Full of Tassels

Last Saturday was the third instalment of a Game of Thrones Burlesque!  The show was a wonderful mix of glitz, glamour and super nerdy humour.  From Dragons to John Snow to the Iron Throne itself, the evening was filled with some of the most beloved and hated GOT characters doing their sexiest stripteases.  Please enjoy my photos from The Night is Dark and Full of Tassels…

2014-11-29 10.09.46

Helen of Trona, Delicia Pastiche and Loretta Jean as Dragons

2014-11-29 10.13.01

El Toro as Khal Drogo and Scarlett LaFlamme as Daenerys Targaryen

2014-11-29 10.19.14

Rubie Magnitude as Melisandre

2014-11-29 10.24.31

Zilly Lilly Lysa Arryn

2014-11-29 10.43.44

Rena as Stannis Baratheon and Sevvy Skellington as Renly Baratheon

2014-11-29 11.23.06

Bianca Boom Boom as the Iron Throne

2014-11-29 11.25.08

El Toro as John Snow

2014-11-29 11.29.17

Delicia Pastiche as Ygritte

2014-11-29 11.36.21

Tanya Cheex as Cersei Lannister Percy Katt as a naughty lion

2014-11-29 11.42.02

Pearl Ingocnito as Joffrey Baratheon and Betty Quirk as Margaery Tyrell

Charlie Quinn as Brianne of Tarth

2014-11-29 12.05.21

Scarlet Black as Drogon

Garters of the Galaxy

Our final Peepshow TO show by all means should have been a sad affair.  It was the final time our amazing group of performers and friends would come together to put on the biggest and best nerdlesque show in town.  The last time we would all gather backstage, getting ready and gabbing, swapping eyelash glue and pastie tape.  The final collective feeling of putting on a show that was truly entertaining, inspiring and unique.  But instead of feeling loss and despair I could not imagine a more electric evening.  There was a buzz in the air from the minute the Great Hall began filling up.  Every seat was taken and still people stood to watch what can only be described as one of the greatest shows that we have ever created.  From start to finish the energy was palpable.  Not one lull or low moment was felt and the volume of cheers and laughs echoed endlessly through the night. Every performer brought their best and the roaring crowd pushed each of us to be that much better.

I feel so lucky to have such talented, inspiring and loving friends and to have had so many opportunities to work with these amazing people.  Even though this was the last Peepshow event (for now anyways) I couldn’t be sad for even one second because my mind is filled with all the wonderful moments I have shared with this group.

Thank you Leelando, Sevvy and Betty for giving us a stage to perform on, for making it possible for us to come together as a team and for working so tirelessly to ensure each event has been more outstanding than the last.  Thank you to all the performers who have constantly pushed each other to be more creative simply by being endlessly creative themselves.  Thank you to Rena, Mong Tho, Amie and everyone who has worked backstage throughout the past few years.  Without you we would be utterly lost.  And finally, thanks to everyone who has come out to support our shows.  Hearing the excitement in your cheers is the fuel that drives us.

The final curtain has closed.  The show has concluded.  But I promise this is not the last you will hear or see of the members of the PeepshowTO family.


Curtain Call by Lick My Lens Cap

2014-10-10 07.20.32

Leelando Calrissian as Namor

2014-10-10 08.28.21

Delicia Pastiche as Beast, Betty Quirk as Gamora

2014-10-10 08.43.52

Dante Him as Wolverine, Dolly Monroe as Emma Frost

2014-10-10 08.41.05

Betty Quirk as Gamora

2014-10-10 08.45.05

Dr. Orifice as Mr. Fantastic

2014-10-10 08.52.38

Loretta Jean as Starlord

2014-10-10 09.10.29

Alex as Stan Lee, Velvet Valhalla as Lady Punisher

2014-10-10 09.18.51

Loretta Jean as Starlord, Betty Quirk as Gamora

2014-10-10 09.22.52

Dolly Monroe as Emma Frost

2014-10-10 09.30.15

Miss Elle Towe as Lady Sif

2014-10-10 09.45.29

Sky Blew as Captain America

2014-10-10 09.49.19

Veronica Vile as Scarlett Witch

2014-10-10 09.57.00

Delicia Pastiche as Beast

2014-10-10 10.03.14

Dr. Orifice as Mr. Fantastic

2014-10-10 10.40.42

Sevvy Skellington as Groot

2014-10-10 10.52.31

Scarlett LaFlamme as Black Widow

2014-10-10 10.56.46

Leelando Calrissian as Namor

2014-10-10 11.16.17

Henrietta VIII as She-Hulk

2014-10-10 11.21.04

Dante Him as Wolverine

2014-10-10 11.24.33

Leelando Calrissian, Sevvy Skellington and Betty Quirk doing their goodbye speech

2014-10-10 11.36.59

Charlie Quinn as Captain Marvel

2014-10-10 11.42.47

Zilly Lilly as Dark Pheonix