Kitty Girl with Zilly Lilly

Meoooowww, it’s a wild Zilly Lilly!!

This buxom, burlesque babe is ready to rawr in this week’s photoset!  You can catch Zilly Lilly at the Bagel Burlesque Expo in Montreal on April 20th and you’ll be seeing a lot of her in this year’s Peepshow TO Nerdlesque productions.

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography with assistance from Zach Garand







Ladies of Burlesque Presents Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me

Tomorrow evening at the Royal Cinema in Toronto Ladies of Burlesque will be screening the classic David Lynch film and prequel to Twin Peaks; Fire Walk With Me.  There will also be a very special Burlesque pre-show featuring Betty Quirk and I as Shelly and Norma and the gorgeous Zilly Lilly as the Log Lady.

To get you in the mood here are some photos from our Fire Strip with Me show last month from Photolena!









Choose Your Path: Star Wars Lipsticks

I had the pleasure of shooting another set of Lipstick photos for the upcoming Nerdlesque Show Revenge of the Strip!  You can purchase Rebel and Empire exclusively at this event.  These amazing matte shades are $20 and will let everyone know if you are a Rebel or if you have joined the Dark Side!

Click the images below to purchase tickets for this event.


Revenge of the Strip

13015497_10208203918410110_5605660619646538928_n.jpgThis Saturday in a Galaxy far, far away…. there will be boobs.

It’s finally here, The Nerdlesque event of the Summer: Revenge of the Strip!

Betty Quirk (Peepshow T.O.)
Dolly Monroe
Charlie Quinn
Dante Legend
Delicia Pastiche (Nerd Girl Burlesque)
Dixie Rect
Dr. Orifice
Dr. Tease
Helen OfTronna (Nerd Girl Burlesque)
Henrietta VIII
Kage Wolfe (Love Letters Cabaret)
Loretta Jean (Nerd Girl Burlesque)
Maria Juana (The Harlettes)
Sevvy Skellington (Peepshow T.O.)
Zilly Lilly
Zyra Lee Vanity

Click the posters below to purchase tickets for this Nerdlesque Extravaganza!!



It’s almost time for the next PeepshowTO Production!  Spielberg-lesque is a must see show featuring Burlesque routines based on characters from Steven Spielberg’s cinematic repertoire.  Jurassic Parts?  We’ve got em!  Jugs?  You know it!  Indiana Bones?  You better believe it!

I am so excited to be performing in an amazing group number with some very talented ladies and gentlemen!  We will certainly take you on a ride you won’t want to miss!  Here’s a little teaser photo from our rehearsal yesterday…


When: March 5th 2016
Where: The Great Hall in Toronto
Who: Betty Quirk, Bianca Boom Boom, Cerise Noir, Delicia Pastiche, Dew Lily, Dolly Monroe, Dr. Tease, Fatti LaBelle, Henrietta VIII, Leelando Calrissian, Loretta Jean, Naughty Nezumi, Sevvy Skellington, Sky Blew, Veronica Vile, Zilly Lilly
Featuring Special Guest: Jeez Loueez (Chicago)

Tickets are on sale now!! Purchase them by clicking on any of the fantastic posters below…


Secret Agent Zilly Lilly

I always get excited to have the gorgeous Zilly Lilly featured here.  She is such a drop dead beauty and boy does she prove it in this devious photoset.  Zilly is of course one of our city’s top Nerdlesque performers and will be shaking her icy bits at the Game of Thrones burlesque show this Sunday November 29th.  Click here to purchase tickets for A Clash of G-Strings: Burlesque Inspired by Game Of Thrones.  Please enjoy these Dolly Shots of Zilly Lilly…






Zilly Lilly

I am beyond excited to share this set of photos with you from my second epic photoshoot as photographer for Dolly Shots!

First up is the fabulous, fun, effervescent Zilly Lilly!  I seriously cannot say enough good things about this gal.   Besides being the kind of beauty that you just can’t help staring at, Zilly is a passionate person, immersing herself completely in everything she does.  She is a fireball of energy and endless creativity.  If you want to see that creativity in action you can catch Zilly at the Toronto Burlesque Festival this weekend for their Pop Culture night on Saturday.

I love the personality that Zilly brought to her first photo set and I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!