Beach Bum

I can’t believe summer is almost at it’s end!  But the sun’s still out, and you know what that means… bum’s out!

This photoset is from my collaboration with the brilliant sister duo of Khristianina and Katherine Bermudo!  Khristianina is the photographer behind Barefaced Creative and Katherine was the creative director behind this shoot.  I’m so happy to share some more of our work together this week and I hope you enjoy!

Outfit by Raezor Latex
Photos by Barefaced Creative








Four Twenty

Happy 420!

This year I’m celebrating the magical plant that is marijuana with some scandalous photos from my girl, Teri G!!  A big shout out to Quintessentials by Charlie Quinn for my incredible pot leaf pasties and Raezor Latex for my latex panties and choker!

Photos by Images by Teri G







It’s February and it feels like the winter will never end.  Mountains of snow and ice are piled up in every corner, framing every sidewalk and path. Each step is delicate and calculated.  Every movement is slow and steady.  And I am dreaming of sandcastles…

Back in the summer of 2018 I shot some incredible photos with the magnificent team that is Khristianina and Katherine Bermudo.  Sisters with an eye for design who work both independently and together to create wonderful imagery.  Khristianina is the talented photographer behind Barefaced Creative and specializes in capturing moments, emotion and detail.  Katherine is a phenomenal graphic artist and creative visionary who I have worked with many times and who designed this blog as well as my personal website  The three of us together on a beach was the perfect combination to create something truly special!

I hope you enjoy this week’s photoset and I look forward to sharing the rest with you as the snow melts around us!  Enjoy!

Outfit by Raezor Latex
Photos by Barefaced Creative







Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Expo

I am so excited to be performing in this year’s Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Expo with my girl gang of Betty Quirk, Zilly Lilly, Charlie Quinn and the legendary Coco Framboise!

We are bringing back our Spice Girl meets X-Men group number for this incredible event and will be sharing the stage with a ton of amazingly talented queer performers.  You are not going to want to miss out on this weekend of shows running from May 24th – 27th.

Our group number will be on Friday, May 25th!  There are weekend passes available or you can purchase tickets for individual shows.  Get your tickets HERE!

29663181_1657414491021285_4505056459480194080_oPhoto by Chris Hutcheson

22540004_10212929449383077_875476889176559627_nPhoto by Ruth Gillson

26116048_1660224587361778_7270601503886698895_oPhoto by Chris Hutcheson

Babes of Burlesque: Ruby Moon

Badass Babe of Burlesque, Ruby Moon, is serving vintage Bettie Page realness in this week’s Dolly Shots Photoset!

Ruby Moon is a member of the Guelph based Burlesque troupe Les Femmes Rebelles.  You can catch their next show, Pop Burlesque, on May 12th at the eBar!

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography with assistance from Kate Garand







Latex and Glitter pt 2

It’s Hump Day and I’m ready to rock your world with more Glitter Alien looks…

I am so grateful to our amazing team for this photoshoot.  First of all, our incredible photographer,  Jonathan Choi, who made this vision a reality.  None of this could have happened without the fantastic Katherine Bermudo.  And of course our amazing assistants, Rachel and Khristianina!

More Dolly Monroe at

Latex Set by Raezor Latex
Pasties by Charlie Quinn’s Quintessentials







Latex and Glitter

I’m serving you Glitter Alien Realness in this week’s photoset!

I am SO EXCITED to launch my shiny, new website today! is officially up and running with the help of Katherine Bermudo and featuring the incredible images from my shoot with Jonathan Choi.
Special thanks to Rachel and Khristianina for their help on this shoot!

Latex Set by Raezor Latex
Pasties by Charlie Quinn’s Quintessentials







Raezor Latex: Nouveau Collection

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of travelling to Montreal with a gang of sexy ladies and the Raezor Latex crew for Montreal Fetish Weekend!  We had a wonderful time showing off the newest collection from Raezor which is Art Nouveau themed and includes incredibly intricate laser cut lingerie designs.  The level of both technical skill and stunning aesthetic design in this collection is mind blowing.  I was thrilled to help model this sexy latex lingerie and participate in the fashion show and other fetish events throughout the weekend.  You can purchase the latex pieces below by clicking here!

Photographer: Objektiv Photography
Hair and Makeup: Ilana Solomon
Models: Erica Furness, Blair DeVorr, Michelle Wade, Ruby Rea, Harmony Kay, Lady Shayne, Keely Propp and Dolly Monroe


Scaille Maille

My amazingly multitalented friend Poisonne has recently exploded the internet with her awesome collection of scale jewelry and clothing called Scaille Maille.  These stunning creations are like dragon skin that has been skillfully tailored to the human form.  With necklaces, gauntlets, bras, harnesses and even neck ties in her collection there is something in any style for the adventurous warrior in us all!  Each piece is custom made to the size and colour you desire, with many beautiful colours to choose from including my favourites pink and the very mermaidy turqoise.  Prices range from $68 to $90 for the smaller pieces and $160 to $900 for the larger more elaborate work.  Well worth the money when you see the quality of craftsmanship and unique beauty in each item.  I really can’t say enough good things about Poisonne’s work and I highly recommend you check out her etsy shop and snag some of these killer pieces for yourself!







  Photographed by Voinea Ng

Makeup by Valhalla’s Beauty

Modeled by Poisonne