Kitty Kitty Meow! Pt 2

It’s part 2 of Kitty Kitty Meow today and you are definitely going to want to MEOW…

The fabulous Photolena makes me look fantastic!  I had such a fun time working with her and am just blown away by all the wonderful images she has created.

Headpiece by Leelando Calrissian, Panties and Pasties by me!








Enchanted Forest

As you must know by now, I love to surround myself with beautiful ladies.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph one of the most beautiful ladies I know recently; burlesque babe Gala Delicious.

Gala is a fantastic burlesque performer who is both elegant and graceful yet subversive and edgy in her routines.  Miss Delicious is also the producer behind Queen of Cups in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Is it any surprise that this talented lady was also awarded “Most Beautiful” at the 2015 Great Burlesque Expo in Boston?  Of course not!

While on holiday in Toronto I implored Gala and Delicia Pastiche to bare their burlesque all for some enchanted woodland photos in our glorious High Park.  Here are the results!

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

WARNING – These photos are potentially NSFW, depending on how adventurous you are at your work place.  Scroll at your own risk…