Babes of Burlesque: Knox Harter pt 2

The fiery redhead, Knox Harter, is back this week, serving vintage, pinup doll glam!

You can catch this busy, burlesque beauty on June 7th at Let’s Go Crazy: A Burlesque Tribute to Price at The Pilot in Toronto.  You can also see Knox hosting her monthly show, Speakeasy at Revival on June 10th.  This month’s theme is Animated and stars a cast of fabulous performers that includes myself!  Knox is also a collaborator and performer at this year’s Toronto Burlesque Festival!  You won’t want to miss any of these amazing shows, so get your tickets now!

Babydoll Nightie by Leelando Calrissian
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography with assistance from Zach Garand








Valley of the Dolls

2015 has been a year of new ventures and creative exploration for me.  Launching Dolly Shots has been such a wonderful way for me to explore portrait photography and share my passion with the help of my beautiful friends who have modeled for me.  While I know that I still have so much to learn I am happy with the images I have been able to put out so far.  Happier still to see how much joy it brings my models when they receive their finished photos!

Recently I decided to take my creative vision to the next level and organize a photoshoot with a specific theme that has always captivated me.  I gathered some gorgeous gals who also wanted to explore this theme and over the next few months you will see the fruits of this labour.

Bringing together a 1960s aesthetic, Russ Meyer influence and playful whimsy with a splash of vodka, I would like to present my Valley of the Dolly Shots Gals.  Stay tuned in 2016 for more photos of these buxom bombshells…

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts


Delicia Pastiche
Mong Tho
Loretta Jean

Goldilocks in Gloomth

I had another fabulous collaboration recently with the lolita clothing line Gloomth!  This time I was modelling the Waterlily dress and took the lovely teddy on a little park adventure.  Enjoy these photos from Tyrone Islington Photography and Gloomth!







Vintage Baby Doll

I am so excited to share another lovely set of photos from Tyrone Islington!  We were going for a very 60s babydoll look with the styling and wardrobe for this shoot.  This is one of my favourite outfits, which I have featured on here before, but I just can’t get enough photos of it.  I designed and created this little pink playsuit with fabric I got at Mood in NYC.  Please enjoy this sweet little set of pictures from Dolly and Tyrone!







Babydoll Cosplay

A couple years ago my gorgeous friend Gen asked me to make a Babydoll cosplay to wear at Toronto Comicon.  Instead of her battle outfit which is the most commonly cosplayed look of hers, Gen wanted her institution outfit that she wears when she’s not in her fantasy land.  I absolutely loved making this dress!  It has a cute, sailor style collar and side pleating on the skirt.  It buttons up and has a long exaggerated tie.  Gen totally rocked this look and I love the way it fits her!

Photos by Dana Harper of Geek x Girls