Babydoll Cosplay

A couple years ago my gorgeous friend Gen asked me to make a Babydoll cosplay to wear at Toronto Comicon.  Instead of her battle outfit which is the most commonly cosplayed look of hers, Gen wanted her institution outfit that she wears when she’s not in her fantasy land.  I absolutely loved making this dress!  It has a cute, sailor style collar and side pleating on the skirt.  It buttons up and has a long exaggerated tie.  Gen totally rocked this look and I love the way it fits her!

Photos by Dana Harper of Geek x Girls


9 thoughts on “Babydoll Cosplay

      1. Oooooooo!!! So excited. Have your ppl call my ppl friend. Let’s get the ball rolling on this. Woot! Woot!!! Xoxo
        Ps: will I be seeing you tomorrow night at Electro Swing? I’ll be reppin’ TVS again friend.


      2. Boo! Pesky work getting in the way of fun. Ok – let’s set up a meetup. Should I come to you. You to me. Let me know what your availability is…and we’ll go from here 🙂


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