Looking Back on 2022

I am so proud of the work I accomplished this year with Dolly Shots Photography!

It was my most successful year to date, with a total of 40 shoots completed! I had at least one photoshoot every month and February was the busiest month with 6 shoots altogether. Some photos you’ve seen, some are for private clients and some have yet to be revealed. I worked with more new clients than ever before and made incredible connections that I truly cherish.

Even though the world continues to be a confusing and scary place I feel like this year I gained a lot of my confidence back as a photographer and an artist. The previous two years were challenging, but this year I made an effort to pursue my passion and I have honestly never been happier in my life!

I feel I have gained incredible momentum in 2022 and my dreams for next year are to continue to grow my photography business and to gain more knowledge and skills as a photographer.

If you would like to book a Dolly Shots Photoshoot for 2023 please reach out at www.DollyShotsPhotography.com!


Dita for the Holidays with Northern Belle

The gorgeous cosplay queen, Northern Belle, is back with a Dita Von Teese inspired boudoir photoshoot!

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Model Northern Belle
Hair styled by Kelly Grace
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

Catwoman Milk Bath with Northern Belle

Take a delicious dip in the purrrrfect milk bath with cosplay queen Northern Belle!

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Model Northern Belle
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

Halloween Season Has Begun

The spoopy season is upon us! Now is your chance to up your Halloween game with some epic new photos! Book your Dolly Shots Photography photoshoot during the month of October and you will have access to our fabulous Halloween Sets, designed and created by Charlie Quinn of Quintessentials!

Visit www.dollyshotsphotography.com to learn more about our photoshoot packages!

Halloween Sets and Props made by Quintessentials by Charlie Quinn
Models Zilly Lilly, Charlie Quinn, Sevvy Skellington, Betty Quirk, Bianca Boom Boom, Blak Swan & Chichi the Chihuahua
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

The Gambler with Flare

I’m so excited to share something a little different this week! My incredible partner, Flare aka Flarington King, an influential Drag King who has been performing for 25 years, did this amazing Kenny Rogers look to shoot a brand new video performance!

You can catch their interpretation of “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers at the Drag King Legends show, happening on February 21st on Zoom. This show, produced by Flare, Mo B Dick, Ken Vegas and Fudgie Frottage, is a celebration of Drag King artists with 25+ years of performing under their belts. Truly an historic event and one drag fans won’t want to miss!

Get your tickets to Drag King Legends today!

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Model Flare
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

Halloween Photoshoots

The Halloween season is upon us and Dolly Shots Photography is ready to make Halloween photo magic! 

Book your shoot between September 20th and October 24th and you will have access to our very scary, Halloween themed set and props.

Photo edits will be sent out before October 31st so you can share your pics with your friends, family and followers!

Spaces are limited! Head over to www.dollyshotsphotography.com to book your shoot today!

Models: Rae & Dr. Orifice
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

Alpaca Babysitter Natasha

The bright and beautiful Natasha is back this week for another lovely photoset!  We hope this brings a smile to your face!  Featuring special guest Princess Apple Blossom!


Photos by Dolly Shots Photography







2019: A Magical Year!

2019 has been a wonderful, magical year for me!  It was a year filled with lots of fun, laughter and most importantly, LOVE!  2019 was the year I fell head over heels in love with my incredible partner, Flare, and we began our adventures together!

In 2019 I performed at the Toronto Burlesque Festival, in two PeepshowTO productions, twice at Ladies of Burlesque at the Royal, in a Sailor Moon themed show by Dead Moon Circus, in Lee Vanity Productions‘ Lizzo Burlesque Tribute, at Sinful Sundays, once again with Amplify Apparel, at Nuit North in Hunstville, at Burlesque Wednesdays at the Bourbon Room in Ottawa, at a showcase in Waterloo, and of course, at my favourite place, Yeti Con!  Besides travelling across Ontario, I also visited New York with my sweetie and went to Las Vegas to attend the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender!

I worked hard this year at setting up the Dolly Shots Photography studio, but due to circumstances beyond my control I wasn’t able to open my new business or studio fully.  (Goals for next year!)  I did, however, have a plethora of wonderful shoots and had the chance to photograph some of my favourite performers!  I witnessed two more amazing friends tie the knot with each other in a beautiful Jewish ceremony followed by a dance party complete with Drag Queens and the Time Warp!  I also welcomed two new family members this year, the sweet and rotten kittens; Luna and Artemis!

This year was a trip, this whole decade was a trip!  It’s been fun to look back on all the good times (and bad) and reminding myself how far I’ve come!  Look out 2020, I’m coming for you!

Happy New Year!!

Photo by Teri G

Flare and I at our first Pride together

Performing at PeepshowTO’s Marvel Show with Betty Quirk, Coco Framboise, Zilly Lilly, Charlie Quinn, Sevvy Skellington and Tits Ahoy

Photo by Lunar Replicant

Performing a tribute to Anna Karina at Ladies of Burlesque at the Royal’s viewing of Vivre Sa Vie

Pinup Photo Safari in Las Vegas

Toronto representing at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender

Photo by Photolena

In Las Vegas with Betty Quirk and Zilly Lilly

Photo by Taeden Hall for Gloomth 

Bri and I watching Drag Kings at Pride

Muskoka Pride after Nuit North with Flare, Brad Puddin, Bon Bon Bombay, Black Swan and Bianca Boom Boom

Luna and Artemis

Performing at the Toronto Burlesque Festival with Sevvy Skellington, Zilly Lilly, Betty Quirk and Charlie Quinn

Photo by Lunar Replicant

Performing at Ladies of Burlesque at the Royal with Betty Quirk

Performing with Amplify Apparel

In Coney Island NY with Flare

Go-Go Dancing as an Ewok at the PeepshowTO Takeover of Sinful Sundays

Performing at Rhapsody Blue’s show in Ottawa with Flare

Photo by Barefaced Creative

Performing with PeepshowTO at Yeti Con

Kicking back at Yeti Con with Charlie Quinn and Natasha

Emma Frost at Yeti Con

At the beach with my baby

Photo by Teri G Modelling with Nymph Suicide

Curtain Call at the Pop Night for the Toronto Burlesque Festival

At the Big Apple with Flare

Photo by Lunar Replicant Modelling with Natasha

Charlie Quinn and I in Waterloo being Gremlins

Performing with Charlie Quinn at PeepshowTO’s Trick or Tease Production

Photo by Lunar Replicant

The cast of Drag King Decades, produced by Flare

Celebrating Betty Quirk’s Birthday on a Party Bus

My Sweetheart

Photo by Teri G


PeepshowTO: Trick or Tease

The next PeepshowTO Production is right around the corner!
It’s time to get spooky at Trick or Tease!

Featuring Performances by…
Aviva the Mirage
Betty Quirk
Cara de Melo
Charlie Quinn
Dixon HD
Dolly Monroe
Dr. Orifice
Leelando Mitchell
Maximum Capacity
Olive Von Topp
Quick Lewinsky
Sam Antics
Sevvy Skellington
Whiskey Rocks
Zilly Lilly

With Gogo by:
Nymph Suicide & Tits Ahoy

Hosted by Velvet Valhalla


Date: Friday, October 11th 2019 (Doors at 8pm. Show at 9pm)

Venue: The Great Hall (1087 Queen St W, Toronto)

Individual Tickets:
$20 Early Bird (Only Until Friday, September 13th)
$25 General Admission Advance
$45 VIP Seating(Includes exclusive swag bag!)
$30 at the Door (Cash only for door tickets and merch)

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography
Poster Design by Kim Sison




Lydia La Demence: Jack the Ripper

I’m thrilled to share another seductive photoset from the burlesque baby Lydia La Demence.  Lydia is serving Jack the Ripper pinup realness in a beautiful corset hand painted by miss Demence herself! Don’t forget to check out this burlesquer at the Winnipeg Burlesque Festival, August 15-18!


Photos by Dolly Shots Photography