Halloween Season Has Begun

The spoopy season is upon us! Now is your chance to up your Halloween game with some epic new photos! Book your Dolly Shots Photography photoshoot during the month of October and you will have access to our fabulous Halloween Sets, designed and created by Charlie Quinn of Quintessentials!

Visit www.dollyshotsphotography.com to learn more about our photoshoot packages!

Halloween Sets and Props made by Quintessentials by Charlie Quinn
Models Zilly Lilly, Charlie Quinn, Sevvy Skellington, Betty Quirk, Bianca Boom Boom, Blak Swan & Chichi the Chihuahua
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

Halloween Photoshoots

The Halloween season is upon us and Dolly Shots Photography is ready to make Halloween photo magic! 

Book your shoot between September 20th and October 24th and you will have access to our very scary, Halloween themed set and props.

Photo edits will be sent out before October 31st so you can share your pics with your friends, family and followers!

Spaces are limited! Head over to www.dollyshotsphotography.com to book your shoot today!

Models: Rae & Dr. Orifice
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

PeepshowTO: Trick or Tease

The next PeepshowTO Production is right around the corner!
It’s time to get spooky at Trick or Tease!

Featuring Performances by…
Aviva the Mirage
Betty Quirk
Cara de Melo
Charlie Quinn
Dixon HD
Dolly Monroe
Dr. Orifice
Leelando Mitchell
Maximum Capacity
Olive Von Topp
Quick Lewinsky
Sam Antics
Sevvy Skellington
Whiskey Rocks
Zilly Lilly

With Gogo by:
Nymph Suicide & Tits Ahoy

Hosted by Velvet Valhalla


Date: Friday, October 11th 2019 (Doors at 8pm. Show at 9pm)

Venue: The Great Hall (1087 Queen St W, Toronto)

Individual Tickets:
$20 Early Bird (Only Until Friday, September 13th)
$25 General Admission Advance
$45 VIP Seating(Includes exclusive swag bag!)
$30 at the Door (Cash only for door tickets and merch)

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography
Poster Design by Kim Sison




Inspiration: Vampira

Vampira, also known as Maila Nurmi, made a namer for herself in the 1950s as the very first television Horror Host as well as through her work in film.  Nurmi began her career as a model, working with legends such as Bernard of Hollywood, Alberto Vargas and Man Ray.  She had some small roles in films and on stage but it wasn’t until television producer Hunt Stomberg Jr caught a glimpse of the dark haired vixen at a masquerade party all done up to look like Morticia Addams that Vampira came to be.  Stromberg hunted down Nurmi after this party and offered her a job on his network.  On May 1st 1954 The Vampira Show aired for the first time and viewers were entranced by the image of the tall, devious beauty floating down a dark, smokey corridor and then screaming into the camera.  The show, in which Vampira, while laying on a Victorian sofa, would introduce and mock horror films, began increasingly popular and though it first aired at midnight it soon took over the 10:30 spot.

Though Vampira was nominated for an Emmy in the category of ‘Most Outstanding Female Personality’ in 1954, by 1955 The Vampira Show had been cancelled and Nurmi, still retaining the rights to the character of Vampira, took the concept to competing networks.  After her time as a horror host fizzled out Nurmi returned to the silver screen and stared in a number of movies, including the infamous Ed Wood film Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Nurmi died on January 10, 2008 of natural causes.  She continues to inspire generations of horror fans through her timeless works as Vampira.









Inspiration: Suspiria

One of my absolute favourite artists in Toronto is the one and only Suspiria.  This talented chick has a style all her own.  Drawing inspiration from classic horror, the female figure and her own twisted imagination, Suspiria’s work walks the line between girly and gory.  She creates dark fantasies through many mediums including paintings, tattoos and recently dolls.  Suspiria’s latest creation is a series of Terror Tot dolls with painted faces and bellies stitched onto plush, handmade bodies.  You may also recall the wonderful mermaid tattoo I got from Suspiria earlier this year.  I am constantly stunned by the outstanding tattoos I see this talented lady creating.  She is skilled at both very realistic, almost photo-like tattoos (see the wicked witch below) as well as her own unique style of cartoony, girly pinups and animals (check out the franken-babe with bat buddy below).

Check out Suspiria Land to purchase prints, terror tots or to set up a tattoo consultation.




suspirialand tattoo 4



suspirialand tattoo 5


suspirialand tattoo 7