The Gambler with Flare

I’m so excited to share something a little different this week! My incredible partner, Flare aka Flarington King, an influential Drag King who has been performing for 25 years, did this amazing Kenny Rogers look to shoot a brand new video performance!

You can catch their interpretation of “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers at the Drag King Legends show, happening on February 21st on Zoom. This show, produced by Flare, Mo B Dick, Ken Vegas and Fudgie Frottage, is a celebration of Drag King artists with 25+ years of performing under their belts. Truly an historic event and one drag fans won’t want to miss!

Get your tickets to Drag King Legends today!

Visit to learn more about our photoshoot packages!

Model Flare
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography


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