Dita for the Holidays with Northern Belle

The gorgeous cosplay queen, Northern Belle, is back with a Dita Von Teese inspired boudoir photoshoot!

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Model Northern Belle
Hair styled by Kelly Grace
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography


Back to Burlesque pt 2 with Força

Burlesque babe Força is back for another beautiful boudoir photoset!

A big congratulations to the winners of our Free Photoshoot Contest from last week, Sita Moon and Aggie Panda! Follow us on Instagram and FB for more chances to win!

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Model Força
Lingerie by Dita Von Teese from Gigi’s House of Frills
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

Back to Burlesque with Força

As the world slowly begins to reopen and people reemerge from their isolation many of us are experiencing the anxiety and confusion of figuring out who we are now and how we fit into this new reality. Our bodies have changed, our minds have been shaped by trauma and for many of us, who were once so sure of ourselves, we are now trying to reimagine who we will be going forward.

Over the years it has been my joy to work with so many burlesque performers to create beautiful promotional images that show audiences who they are as a performer. From the sexy and sultry, to the playful and humorous I love working with performers to create images of themselves that help them not only feel great about how they look but also help them get the bookings they need!

As we begin to get back to burlesque I want to encourage performers of all kinds to begin to play with new ideas of how they see themselves. Let’s collaborate, let’s play around with costumes, hair and makeup and let me help you figure out who the new you will be, what the new you will look like and how you want others to perceive you. The Dolly Shots Studio is a safe place where we can work together to begin to build back your self-esteem and your sense of self.

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Model Força
Lingerie by Dita Von Teese from Gigi’s House of Frills
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography

Inspiration: Dita Von Teese


I have always had a great love of fashion and style.  As a child my favourite thing to do was to play dress up.  I would wrap myself in scarves, adorn my head with a fancy hat, paint my mother’s lipstick on my lips, cheeks and eyelids and prance around the house.  Eventually that passion blossomed into a mature form and I began to use my style as a form of self expression.  Being a shy person, fashion has always been my way of communicating who I am non-verbally.

FHM-China-2013-Black-Valvet---Dita-von-Teese-2_1260.jpgI don’t remember the exact moment when I became aware of Dita Von Teese, but I do recall as a teenager saving every image of I could find of her.  Lusting after her sparkle encrusted corsets and lace gowns.  The hats, the gloves, the feathers, the red lipstick!  She was the epitome of high fashion and good taste to me.  Even more than her burlesque presence, it was her style sensibility that attracted me to Dita.  In Dita I saw the ability to not only stand out through fashion, but to do so in the most elegant way.


Dita Von Teese has greatly influenced me in my personal style, from hair and makeup to clothes and accessories.  Dita is the modern incarnation of the vintage pinups who I have always adored.  When I see her in performance I am struck not by her dance or acting abilities, but by her style and grace, and I look at her as if a beautiful painting has come to life.  She may not be revolutionary in her technique but she is highly skilled in her presentation.  Dita brings to life the glamourous feel of previous era.

My-Private-Cointreau-Coffret-by-Dita-Von-Teese-4I was so lucky to get the chance to meet my fashion idol last weekend as she graced Toronto with her presence for a live show at the Phoenix and a book signing at Rosie the Rebel.  I was happy to find that this person who has helped to shape and influence me so much was just as lovely as I imagined.  Dita smiled sweetly and signed her photograph as I blushed and stared at her perfectly coiffed hair.  I hope to have the opportunity to see Dita again on stage one day, but for now the memories of this very special day will live on in my mind.