Scaille Maille

My amazingly multitalented friend Poisonne has recently exploded the internet with her awesome collection of scale jewelry and clothing called Scaille Maille.  These stunning creations are like dragon skin that has been skillfully tailored to the human form.  With necklaces, gauntlets, bras, harnesses and even neck ties in her collection there is something in any style for the adventurous warrior in us all!  Each piece is custom made to the size and colour you desire, with many beautiful colours to choose from including my favourites pink and the very mermaidy turqoise.  Prices range from $68 to $90 for the smaller pieces and $160 to $900 for the larger more elaborate work.  Well worth the money when you see the quality of craftsmanship and unique beauty in each item.  I really can’t say enough good things about Poisonne’s work and I highly recommend you check out her etsy shop and snag some of these killer pieces for yourself!







  Photographed by Voinea Ng

Makeup by Valhalla’s Beauty

Modeled by Poisonne


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