A few weeks ago I was so lucky to perform in the Nerdlesque Festival in New York city as the vibrant superhero Batwoman.  Not Batgirl… Batwoman.  I also performed this act at Peepshow TO’s Nude 52 show last October.  I thought I would share some of the photos from these events of the epic costume I put together for this act.  This is another example of Burlesque Cosplay, where slight modifications are made to help with the removal of each item.  Instead of having one full bodysuit I decided to cut out the thighs and put in garters.  I also made the boots into bootcovers that are removed like stockings with a simple nude dance shoe underneath.  The most fantastic part of this costume though is the cape!  This thing is a monster that stretches past my reach and has dowels sewn in to help me hold it up.  But my absolute favourite part of the costume in my amazing mask which is leather and was made for me by the brilliant leatherworker and costume designer Adam Smith!  I love the way this costume turned out and I have found each time I wear it that there are a lot of Batwoman fans out there that appreciate the outcome of my effort and love seeing this fierce, Jewish, lesbian badass hero come to life!

Photo by Monty Leman
Photo by Monty Leman
Photo by Paul Giachetti







Photo by Lick My Lens Cap



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