The Ladies of Nerd Girl Burlesque: Delicia and Loretta

The lovely Loretta Jean and the delectable Delicia Pastiche are my Nerd Girls of the week!

These ladies are not only fantastic Burlesque performers they are also two of the Producers of Nerd Girl Burlesque.  You can catch them on August 25th at See-Scape in Toronto for Level Up – An Evening of Video Game Burlesque.








The Ladies of Nerd Girl Burlesque: Helen and Henrietta

The lovely ladies of Nerd Girl Burlesque are back this week!

Henrietta VIII And Helen of Trona are one half of the beautiful brains behind the Nerd Girl Burlesque productions.  You can see these Nerdlesquers next at Level Up – An Evening of Video Game Burlesque on August 25th at See-Scape in Toronto.







The Ladies of Nerd Girl Burlesque

The Nerd Girl Burlesque troupe has been bringing their brand of Nerdy Burlesque to Toronto stages since 2012.  The original members Delicia PasticheHelen of Tronna and Loretta Jean have recently brought on Henrietta VIII to complete the bevy of beautiful nerds running their troupe.  Along with the help of the ever hilarious host Reddy TaRumble, these ladies continue to produce monthly Nerdlesque shows in our fine city.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at the softer side of the Ladies of Nerd Girl Burlesque through my intimate photo series with the gals.  You can see them all at their upcoming show Level Up- An Evening of Video Game Burlesque on August 25th at See-Scape.

Please enjoy my first set of photos of The Ladies of Nerd Girl Burlesque!


Bullet Bra

Fun Fact: Back in 2010 my sewing partner Laura and I both competed and made the top 10 Nationally in the Triumph Lingerie Competition!  

The theme of the competition was “Shape” and I decided to put a retro spin on my look with the very pronounced shape of a Bullet Bra.  I also made matching high-waist panties with attached garters and a billowy shear cape with velvet rose pattern.  It was a really great experience being in this competition and we got to attend a lovely brunch/fashion show and see our creations come to life on models.  I have been doing a lot of lingerie work recently and it’s nice to look back on one of my first creations with pride.  There will be many more lingerie posts to come!

Modeled by Cassia Sparkle

Modeled by Cassia Sparkle

Modeled by Cassia Sparkle

Modeled by Gretchen

Modeled by Gretchen

Dolly circa 2010