Beyond the Valley of the Dolls with Bianca Boom Boom

Bianca Boom Boom is bringing the vintage glamour in this week’s ode to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

I was so excited to have Bianca join me for this particular photoshoot because I know she has a stellar collection of vintage garments.  This psychedelic metallic dress is the perfect embodiment of 60s glamour and style and Bianca is rocking it!  You can see this vintage vixen performing on June 11th at Striptease and Cheese and this summer at the Toronto Burlesque Festival!

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts
Lighting and Setup by Zach Garand
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography








Bianca Boom Boom and Ivory in Furs

Bianca Boom Boom and Ivory are a couple of knockouts in this week’s sultry photoset.  Draped only in luxurious faux-fur these babes aren’t afraid to show a little flesh. You can see both these burlesque beauties on May 7th at Revival for Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them: Wizarding Burlesque.

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts
Lighting and Setup by Zach Garand
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography



Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

I’m back from a refreshing break with a new energy and some tricks up my sleeve!

I am so excited to share the photos from my latest photoshoot with you!  As always, I drew a lot of my inspiration from Russ Meyer and so, since I’ve already done The Valley of the Dolls, this new set is called Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

These gorgeous burlesque beauties were the perfect models for this 60s nostalgic theme and it was an absolutely pleasure capturing Bianca Boom Boom, Sevvy Skellington, Betty Quirk, Dottie Champagne and Ivory in this pink dream set.

Please enjoy the first instalment of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls…

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts
Lighting and Setup by Zach Garand
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography


Bianca Boom Boom

The burlesque bombshell Bianca Boom Boom is back this week!  Not only is Miss Boom Boom a pro peeler, she is also an outstanding singer.  You can tell by how sparkly her mic is!

You can see Bianca Boom Boom on June 29th at the Royal Cinema for their “Ladies of Burlesque” series which pairs classic cinema and modern burlesque babes.  You won’t want to miss Bianca and Blonde Venus!


Jessica Rabbit

One of my favourite cartoon characters of all time is the voluptuous vixen Jessica Rabbit.  Who better to portray Jessica than the Triple B with the Double Ds: Bianca Boom Boom!  This burlesque beauty looks smoldering in the glittery gown created by my Betty Monroe bestie Betty Quirk.  If you want to see more of Bianca you can catch this lovely lady on May 21st at Thigh High: The Kush of Kabert as well as at this year’s Toronto Burlesque Festival at the end of July.

Please enjoy some very classic curves from Bianca Boom Boom, a real life Jessica Rabbit!



It’s almost time for the next PeepshowTO Production!  Spielberg-lesque is a must see show featuring Burlesque routines based on characters from Steven Spielberg’s cinematic repertoire.  Jurassic Parts?  We’ve got em!  Jugs?  You know it!  Indiana Bones?  You better believe it!

I am so excited to be performing in an amazing group number with some very talented ladies and gentlemen!  We will certainly take you on a ride you won’t want to miss!  Here’s a little teaser photo from our rehearsal yesterday…


When: March 5th 2016
Where: The Great Hall in Toronto
Who: Betty Quirk, Bianca Boom Boom, Cerise Noir, Delicia Pastiche, Dew Lily, Dolly Monroe, Dr. Tease, Fatti LaBelle, Henrietta VIII, Leelando Calrissian, Loretta Jean, Naughty Nezumi, Sevvy Skellington, Sky Blew, Veronica Vile, Zilly Lilly
Featuring Special Guest: Jeez Loueez (Chicago)

Tickets are on sale now!! Purchase them by clicking on any of the fantastic posters below…