Dolly Monroe for Sheertex


I am thrilled to share a very special post with you this week!  I have teamed up with the pantyhose brand Sheertex to test out one of their products, the Opaque Pantyhose!

Sheertex sent me a the 2X/3X size of their Opaque Pantyhose to test out.  Sheertex uses one of the world’s strongest fibers in the proprietary knit used in their products, which makes them more durable than any other kind of pantyhose on the market.  Strength and durability are important features for me in tights because I am so prone to catching them and having them run after hardly any wear.  The fabric used in these tights felt comfortable, breathable and I could feel how strong they were by tugging on the fabric.

Another fabulous feature of these tights was the size, especially the height of them on my torso.  Because they went all the way up to the bottom of my bra it gave my figure a nice smooth line and the size was large enough for my plus size body that they didn’t feel restrictive or uncomfortable.  I can image getting through an entire day of work in these pantyhose or even eating a big meal!

 I can’t wait to try out more products from Sheertex and I hope you try them out as well!  For my amazing followers, please use the code below for an exclusive Classically Curvy offer!

You can use code: CLASSICALLYCURVY10 for $10 off your first purchase with Sheertex.  Enjoy!

Photos by Lunar Replicant









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