Fan Expo 2014

FE2014-Day3 080_small

Stargirl (Sevvy Skellingtong) Wonder Woman (Betty Quirk) and Supergirl (Dolly Monroe) from the DC Bombshells Collection.  Photo by Very Frank Pictures.

This past weekend my friends from Peepshow TO and I put on our best cosplays and strutted our stuff at one of the biggest Nerd Conventions in North America: FAN EXPO!  Fan Expo brings together fans of Comics, Sci-Fi, Anime, Horror and Gaming for a weekend of geeky fun.  The Peepshowers had a booth in the Horror section of the con and spent most of our time advertising our next show Garters of the Galaxy: A Marvel Inspired Burlesque.  We had a blast chatting up con goers and posing for photos in cosplay.

This year I really over extended myself by attempting to do 2 brand new cosplays for the con.  On Friday the Peepshow crew did a Sparkly X-Men Group cosplay in which I portrayed the White Queen Emma Frost.  For the big day, Saturday, we did another group cosplay.  This time it was the DC Bombshells, which is a set of female DC characters as 1940s pinup girls.  For this group I did Supergirl, which was such fun to make and to wear.  On the final day I decided to wear an old favourite, my Batwoman burlesque cosplay.  Overall the highlight of the weekend was definitely getting to meet the Queen of Cosplay herself; Yaya Han!  Yaya is such an inspiration for me as a cosplayer.  Her costumes are flawless and she really embodies each character she portrays.

Please enjoy a few of my photos from this year’s Fan Expo…

Emma Frost and Magik heading to the con on Friday
Fan Ex7
The Queen of Cosplay: Yaya Han!
Fan Ex24
Lady Robocop
Fan Ex8
Betty Quirk as X Men Psylocke
Getting friendly with Daryl Dixon
Fan Ex2
Gambit (Sevvy Skellington) Domino (Zilly Lilly) Magik (Brittany) and Emma Frost (Dolly Monroe) hanging out at the Peepshow Booth
Fan Ex18
Sailor Chibi Moon!
Fan Ex13
Our friend Ajay Fry came to visit us
Day 2: Getting coffee in cosplay
Fan Ex39
DC Bombshells Mera (Delicia Pastiche) and Batwoman (Zilly Lilly)
Fan Ex6
Dex Morgan cosplaying Gaslight Catwoman (
Fan Ex35
Leelando Calrissian as DC Bombshells Poison Ivy
Chilling with the Batmobile
Fan Ex25
Brittany as DC Bombshells Catwoman
Charlie Quinn joined our group as DC Bombshells Flash!
Fan Ex5
Beautiful Mermaid!
Group Selfie with our booth neighbour friends!
Fan Ex22
Amazing Wild, Wild West cosplays!
Zilly Lilly as Molotov Cocktease with the Star Wars favs
Fan Ex27
Rocket Racoon with a baby Groot
Ran into my friend Serena… I mean Sailor Mars!
Fan Ex43
Leelando Calrissian and Betty Quirk as Harley Quinn and Yoshi
Fan Ex41
Rufio and Captain Hook from the film Hook
Fan Ex44
Batwoman swooped in to steal the spotlight

New York and Nerdlesque

Well, I had a whirlwind trip to NYC last week with some of my burlesque peeps for the Nerdlesque Festival!  I left on Wednesday morning and returned very early Saturday.  Even though I wasn’t in New York for long I managed to pack in a lot of adventures, take a look…

Myself, Betty Quirk and Sevvy Skellington were representing PeepshowTO!
The first thing we did in NY was find some pizza!
Yum yum!
I wandered off on my own to find Mood! I’m so excited to make some new outfits with the fabrics I got there. Stay tuned…
I even got to meet Swatch!
In the evening we went to Cafe Un Deux Trois and the food was to die for… or kill for….
Then it was time for Hedwig and the Angry Inch, starring Neil Patrick Harris!
We may or may not have stalked NPH!
While wandering around Time Square we found a familiar face in Time Out magazine! Our very own Zilly Lilly!
By the way, the weather was so sunny and warm we didn’t even need jackets!
On Thursday morning we met up with some of our fellow Toronto Nerdlesquers for brunch in Brooklyn! Zilly Lilly, Betty Quirk, Loretta Jean, Sevvy Skellington, Helen of Tronna and me!
I had these delicious vegan, red velvet pancakes!
Then we stopped by the store Evolution to look at skulls, taxidermy and other wonderfully weird items.
I even picked up some Mermaid supplies…
Friday was the day of the show, so we didn’t do a whole lot, but we did eat a whole lot of vegan doughnuts!
And Leelando showed up!
All decked out in his Rogue outfit…
Backstage at the show with Betty Quirk, about to make our NY debut!
Love that Rogue hair!
Pikachu Sevvy and Gambit Betty!
Leelando and Betty Quirk killed it with their Rogue and Gambit act!
I had a blast doing my Batwoman act!

I am so proud to have performed at the Nerdlesque Festival! I never could have imagined that one day I would be doing burlesque for a screaming audience in New York City.  It’s definitely an experience I will never forget!

Group shot of our gang!
Myself as Batwoman and Zilly Lilly as her lady Maggie.