Filthy Lannisters

Let’s start this week off Westeros style, with some sensual, filthy Lannister family portraits!

About this time last year my friend Meryle Trouble and I performed an act with the Underground Peepshow for their Dungeons, Dragons and Damzels show.  We performed as the Lannisters, Cersei and Jamie, to the song ‘Love is Strange’ with a very Dirty Dancing inspired routine.  I had a fun time making both our costumes for the act, including outer and under garments.  These costumes are what I call “Burlesque Cosplay”, which is semi-accurate design with a bit more stage presence and of course easily removable.  I love doing Burlesque Cosplay because it brings together two of my favourite hobbies.  I admire and respect cosplayers who go for 100% accuracy, but I personally find it way more fun to take a cosplay idea and put my own spin on it, especially a Burlesque spin!

Photos by If You Fall Photography








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