Garters of the Galaxy Vol 2

The time has come!  The next PeepshowTO production, Garters of the Galaxy Vol 2 is just a few days away!  If you want to see the most sickening Marvel themed Nerdlesque you will not want to miss this show!

Featuring performances by…

Betty Quirk
Caramel Knowledge (LA)
Charlie Quinn
COCO FRAMBOISE – Burlesque Cabaret Showgirl
Dolly Monroe
Dr. Orifice
Força Burlesque
Kage Wolfe
Majestic Maehem
Maria Juana
Quik Lewinsky
Rhapsody Blue (Ottawa)
Sevvy Skellington
Tits Ahoy
Zilly Lilly
Zyra Lee Vanity (Lee Vanity Productions)

With Gogo by:
Aza Lia & Johleen

Hosted by Ajay Fry & Velvet Valhalla

See you there!




Zyra Lee Vanity: Hot Stuff pt 3

The Queen of the Toronto Burlesque Scene, Zyra Lee Vanity, is back for the final photoset in our Hot Stuff series!

I have to take a moment to say that besides being a gorgeous woman with incredible talent and stage presence, Zyra is also one of the sweetest ladies I have worked with.  She is so fun and charming and we had such a blast putting together these photosets.  I hope you enjoy them and that you all have the pleasure of seeing this fierce performer on stage!

Outfit by Brook Alviano Creations
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography







Zyra Lee Vanity: Hot Stuff pt 2

The stunning Zyra Lee Vanity is back this week with another beautiful look!

Zyra’s next production, Sexual Awakening Vol.3: A 90s RnB Burlesque Tribute, is taking place on February 24th at Round Venue in Toronto.  She will also be taking the stage at Speakeasy at Katana for their Bon Voyage show on February 20th.  You can also catch this incredible lady at Peepshow TO‘s next production, Garter’s of the Galaxy Vol 2, at The Great Hall on April 5th.

Outfit by Brook Alviano Creations
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography







Zyra Lee Vanity: Hot Stuff

For my first Dolly Shots project of the year I has the absolute pleasure and honour of photographing the gorgeous Canadian Burlesque sensation; Zyra Lee Vanity!

Zyra Lee Vanity is one of the top 10 Burlesque performers in Canada.  She is an award winning, world travelling performer.  She also produces her own burlesque shows in Toronto including the upcoming Sexual Awakening Vol. 3: A 90s RnB Burlesque Tribute on February 24th at Round Venue.  You can also catch Zyra on stage with Speakeasy TO for their next show Bon Voyage on February 20th at Katana on Bay.

Stay tuned for even more fantastic photos of the beautiful Zyra Lee Vanity!

Harness from Aslan Leather
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography







Lady in Red Lace pt 2

The lady in red lace is back again with some more sultry images from Lunar Replicant!

These photos were taken at the truly gorgeous studio run by Provocateur Images.  They provided so many incredible sets and furniture pieces for our use and it really elevated the images and the experience for us!

I hope you enjoy part two of Lady in Red Lace!

Lingerie set from Bettie Page Lingerie at Gigi’s House of Frills
Necklace from Rosita Bonita
Kimono by Dolly Monroe
Photos by Lunar Replicant 






Peepshow TO 2019 Season


I am so excited to share the PeepshowTO 2019 season announcement with some Dolly Shots Photos!  I had the pleasure of photographing the Co-Founder and Producer of PeepshowTO, Betty Quirk, the Creative Director, Zilly Lilly and the internationally renowned Burlesque Performer, Zyra Lee Vanity!

We will be bringing you some fabulous shows this year including Garters of the Galaxy vol 2, Jurassic Parts and Trick or Tease!  Stay tuned and up-to-date by following PeepshowTo on Facebook and Instagram.




New Year, Nude You!

Happy New Year!!

Today’s post is a bit of a tease from my latest photoshoot with Lunar Replicant.  We had such a lovely time at this shoot and I can’t wait to share more, but for now here’s a hint of our first photoset.  This red, lace robe is a piece I made many years ago and the panties are from Bettie Page Lingerie.  My heart necklace is from Rosita Bonita.