A Sprinkle of Saffron St. James

This week’s Glamour Girl is the sensual Saffron St. James.

Saffron St. James is an Hourglass and a Half and can be seen performing with Ottawa’s premiere Nerdlesque troupe; Browncoats Burlesque.  She was the winner of the Ottawa Burlesque Festival’s 2014 Burlesque Idol competition in her first year of performing.  Her lively and vibrant personality comes through so much in her expressions and she was an absolute pleasure to work with on this shoot.

Makeup by Gail Roberts
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography


Lorelei the Burlesque Babe

First up from my new series Glamour Girls is the fierce and frisky Lorelei!

This Burlesque Babe has a real Tura Satana vibe with her raven hair, winged eyeliner and the way she combines strength and seductiveness.  You can see Lorelei embracing her inner Russ Meyer girl on July 28th at The Royal Cinema for the Ladies of Burlesque’s screening of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill featuring Lorelei as the burlesque entertainment for the evening.

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography






Glamour Girl Photoshoot

Once again I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing group of glamourous ladies for a fantastic, fun-filled photoshoot!  My hair and makeup team of Natasha and Gail slayed once again on the styling for this pinup themed shoot.

My beautiful models were Saffron St James, Natasha, Jennifer, Henrietta VIII, Betty Quirk and Lorelei.  Here’s a little taste of what we did with more to come in the coming posts!

Saffron St James
Henrietta VIII
Betty Quirk

Disney Mer-Babe Henrietta VIII

My beautiful friend Henrietta VIII is back this week with a Disney inspired ensemble.  Her Little Mermaid dress was made by me out of an old set of  bedsheets.  Her amazing mermaid mini mouse ears are from Disneyland where her and her hubby honeymooned.

Please enjoy this under the sea set with Henrietta VIII!


Bianca Boom Boom

The burlesque bombshell Bianca Boom Boom is back this week!  Not only is Miss Boom Boom a pro peeler, she is also an outstanding singer.  You can tell by how sparkly her mic is!

You can see Bianca Boom Boom on June 29th at the Royal Cinema for their “Ladies of Burlesque” series which pairs classic cinema and modern burlesque babes.  You won’t want to miss Bianca and Blonde Venus!


Choose Your Path: Star Wars Lipsticks

I had the pleasure of shooting another set of Lipstick photos for the upcoming Nerdlesque Show Revenge of the Strip!  You can purchase Rebel and Empire exclusively at this event.  These amazing matte shades are $20 and will let everyone know if you are a Rebel or if you have joined the Dark Side!

Click the images below to purchase tickets for this event.


Hello Dolly

I’m so happy to share another lovely photoset from my shoot with Photolena!  This look was inspired by the classic pinups of the 1950s.  In a sparkly blue dress made by me and a white faux-fur from my amazing friend Leelando, I am taking some important calls.


Photos by Photolena
Hair by Natasha Kaye


Jessica Rabbit

One of my favourite cartoon characters of all time is the voluptuous vixen Jessica Rabbit.  Who better to portray Jessica than the Triple B with the Double Ds: Bianca Boom Boom!  This burlesque beauty looks smoldering in the glittery gown created by my Betty Monroe bestie Betty Quirk.  If you want to see more of Bianca you can catch this lovely lady on May 21st at Thigh High: The Kush of Kabert as well as at this year’s Toronto Burlesque Festival at the end of July.

Please enjoy some very classic curves from Bianca Boom Boom, a real life Jessica Rabbit!


In Bloom

This set of photos, which I shot recently with the wildly talented Photolena, showcases a very vulnerable side of myself.  I’ve been going through a lot lately in my personal life, but I feel confident that through the turmoil I will emerge fully formed and in bloom.

Photos by Photolena
Hair by Natasha Kaye
Pasties by Delicia’s Delights


Natasha: A Ray of Sunshine

Today’s post is the final set of photos I shot with Natasha at our last photoshoot.  This set is probably my favourite from this shoot.  Natasha shows such a great range of expression and pose.  She is both strong and sensual, shy and confident.  Enjoy my ray of sunshine on this gloomy day; Natasha!