Raezor Latex: Nouveau Collection

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of travelling to Montreal with a gang of sexy ladies and the Raezor Latex crew for Montreal Fetish Weekend!  We had a wonderful time showing off the newest collection from Raezor which is Art Nouveau themed and includes incredibly intricate laser cut lingerie designs.  The level of both technical skill and stunning aesthetic design in this collection is mind blowing.  I was thrilled to help model this sexy latex lingerie and participate in the fashion show and other fetish events throughout the weekend.  You can purchase the latex pieces below by clicking here!

Photographer: Objektiv Photography
Hair and Makeup: Ilana Solomon
Models: Erica Furness, Blair DeVorr, Michelle Wade, Ruby Rea, Harmony Kay, Lady Shayne, Keely Propp and Dolly Monroe


Seductive Sweetie

My gorgeous muse Natasha is back this week for another provocative photo set.  This talented lady is a hair stylist by day and a nerdy burlesque performer by night!  You can catch her in the next Peepshow TO, Nerdlesque production; Peepshow Go!  This Pokemon inspired burlesque event will feature the gorgeous Natasha and many other talented performs doing their very best as the adorable creatures you know and love!

Click here for more info about Peepshow Go!






Inspiration: Dita Von Teese


I have always had a great love of fashion and style.  As a child my favourite thing to do was to play dress up.  I would wrap myself in scarves, adorn my head with a fancy hat, paint my mother’s lipstick on my lips, cheeks and eyelids and prance around the house.  Eventually that passion blossomed into a mature form and I began to use my style as a form of self expression.  Being a shy person, fashion has always been my way of communicating who I am non-verbally.

FHM-China-2013-Black-Valvet---Dita-von-Teese-2_1260.jpgI don’t remember the exact moment when I became aware of Dita Von Teese, but I do recall as a teenager saving every image of I could find of her.  Lusting after her sparkle encrusted corsets and lace gowns.  The hats, the gloves, the feathers, the red lipstick!  She was the epitome of high fashion and good taste to me.  Even more than her burlesque presence, it was her style sensibility that attracted me to Dita.  In Dita I saw the ability to not only stand out through fashion, but to do so in the most elegant way.


Dita Von Teese has greatly influenced me in my personal style, from hair and makeup to clothes and accessories.  Dita is the modern incarnation of the vintage pinups who I have always adored.  When I see her in performance I am struck not by her dance or acting abilities, but by her style and grace, and I look at her as if a beautiful painting has come to life.  She may not be revolutionary in her technique but she is highly skilled in her presentation.  Dita brings to life the glamourous feel of previous era.

My-Private-Cointreau-Coffret-by-Dita-Von-Teese-4I was so lucky to get the chance to meet my fashion idol last weekend as she graced Toronto with her presence for a live show at the Phoenix and a book signing at Rosie the Rebel.  I was happy to find that this person who has helped to shape and influence me so much was just as lovely as I imagined.  Dita smiled sweetly and signed her photograph as I blushed and stared at her perfectly coiffed hair.  I hope to have the opportunity to see Dita again on stage one day, but for now the memories of this very special day will live on in my mind.


Forgotten Photos from Russ Meyer

Russ Meyer was not only known for his scandalous films featuring voluptuous vixens, he was also a popular photographer of the female form.  His photos showcase the unique love he had for women.  They are joyous, relaxed, playful and captivating, just like the women in the photographs.  As an huge fan of pinup photography I find Meyer’s to be some of the most striking and creative work from that era.  He has an obvious love for each model and does a wonderful job of showcasing all her finest features.  Enjoy some of my favourite shots from Russ Meyer.


Eve Meyer
Hope Hathaway
Eleanor Crews
Iris Bristol
Yvette Vickers
Eve Meyer
Hope Hathaway
Tempest Storm
Eve Meyer


Saucy Nudles

Way back in the summer of 2013 my uber talented friend Sam asked if I was interested in posing for a portrait for her gallery show.  Obviously I jumped at the chance to be a part of the amazing collection of body positive artwork that is Saucy Nudles.  I am consistently awed by Sam’s ability to, with a few skilled strokes of her pen, bring to life the essence and beauty of her subjects.  Her portraits are honest and show a love and respect for the female form.  Saucy Nudles celebrates a changing beauty standard that embraces all bodies.  I am thrilled to have my own portrait from Sam and I can’t wait to see what comes next from Saucy Nudles.

Click here to visit Saucy Nudles Facebook page.

Portraits start at $150.









Anita Ekberg

On January 11th 2015 at age 83 legendary actress and model Anita Ekberg passed away.

The Swedish beauty Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg began her career as a model in her teens.  She travelled to the United States in 1951 to compete in the Miss Universe pageant and though she did not win she was one of 6 finalists to receive a starlet’s contract with Universal Studios which offered her training in drama, elocution and dance.  Her first big break into the film industry was in the 1955 short-lived TV series Casablanca.  After that she starred in two Paramount films in 1955 and 1956, Artists and Models and Hollywood or Bust, and was marketed as Paramount’s Marilyn Monroe.

Ekberg was not one to shy from the limelight and would participate in publicity stunts such as having her dress burst open in the lobby of London’s Berkeley Hotel.  In 1960 Ekberg starred in the biggest role of her career as Sylvia in Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita.  Ekberg was very frank and honest with the media and would frequently talk about which stars she disliked.  In an interview with The New York Times in 1999 Ekberg was quoted as saying, “They would like to keep up the story that Fellini made me famous, Fellini discovered me”.

Anita Ekberg died earlier this month in Italy from complications of an enduring illnesses.  Her striking image of sultry seductress is burned into the minds of all who gaze upon her photos or soak up in her many cinematic appearances.  She will be missed.












Showgirls in Dressing Rooms

For my first photo shoot of 2015 I had the pleasure of working with two of my favourite people and one of my favourite themes; showgirls in backstage dressing rooms.  I am very excited to share these photos with you, but you will have to be patient.  As a tease, here are some of my inspiration photos for this shoot.  Photos of backstage showgirl photos offer a glimpse behind the curtain.  A peek at the prep and primping of a performer.  Enjoy!











Inspiration: Dolores Moran

Dolores Moran was a popular pinup model in the 1940s who had a brief film career and a scandalous reputation in Hollywood.  This bleach blonde beauty was a favourite amongst American WWII soldiers and was featured in many pinup magazines at the time.  She achieved a level of film success after being cast opposite Bette Davis in the 1943 film Old Acquaintance and had a notable role in the 1944 Bogart and Bacall film To Have and Have Not.  In 1946 Moran, 22 at the time, began dating 42 year old movie producer Benedict Bogeaus who was married to starlet Mimi Forsythe.  The two divorced and Bogeaus and Moran were married later that year.  Moran’s film career never really took off after her marriage to Bogeaus, who insisted she appear exclusively in his films.  After one child together and 14 years of marriage the two divorced in 1962.  Moran died in 1982 from cancer, but her beauty and grace live on in the photos and films she created throughout her lifetime.








Inspiration: Vampira

Vampira, also known as Maila Nurmi, made a namer for herself in the 1950s as the very first television Horror Host as well as through her work in film.  Nurmi began her career as a model, working with legends such as Bernard of Hollywood, Alberto Vargas and Man Ray.  She had some small roles in films and on stage but it wasn’t until television producer Hunt Stomberg Jr caught a glimpse of the dark haired vixen at a masquerade party all done up to look like Morticia Addams that Vampira came to be.  Stromberg hunted down Nurmi after this party and offered her a job on his network.  On May 1st 1954 The Vampira Show aired for the first time and viewers were entranced by the image of the tall, devious beauty floating down a dark, smokey corridor and then screaming into the camera.  The show, in which Vampira, while laying on a Victorian sofa, would introduce and mock horror films, began increasingly popular and though it first aired at midnight it soon took over the 10:30 spot.

Though Vampira was nominated for an Emmy in the category of ‘Most Outstanding Female Personality’ in 1954, by 1955 The Vampira Show had been cancelled and Nurmi, still retaining the rights to the character of Vampira, took the concept to competing networks.  After her time as a horror host fizzled out Nurmi returned to the silver screen and stared in a number of movies, including the infamous Ed Wood film Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Nurmi died on January 10, 2008 of natural causes.  She continues to inspire generations of horror fans through her timeless works as Vampira.









Inspiration: Suspiria

One of my absolute favourite artists in Toronto is the one and only Suspiria.  This talented chick has a style all her own.  Drawing inspiration from classic horror, the female figure and her own twisted imagination, Suspiria’s work walks the line between girly and gory.  She creates dark fantasies through many mediums including paintings, tattoos and recently dolls.  Suspiria’s latest creation is a series of Terror Tot dolls with painted faces and bellies stitched onto plush, handmade bodies.  You may also recall the wonderful mermaid tattoo I got from Suspiria earlier this year.  I am constantly stunned by the outstanding tattoos I see this talented lady creating.  She is skilled at both very realistic, almost photo-like tattoos (see the wicked witch below) as well as her own unique style of cartoony, girly pinups and animals (check out the franken-babe with bat buddy below).

Check out Suspiria Land to purchase prints, terror tots or to set up a tattoo consultation.




suspirialand tattoo 4



suspirialand tattoo 5


suspirialand tattoo 7