Inspiration: Dolores Moran

Dolores Moran was a popular pinup model in the 1940s who had a brief film career and a scandalous reputation in Hollywood.  This bleach blonde beauty was a favourite amongst American WWII soldiers and was featured in many pinup magazines at the time.  She achieved a level of film success after being cast opposite Bette Davis in the 1943 film Old Acquaintance and had a notable role in the 1944 Bogart and Bacall film To Have and Have Not.  In 1946 Moran, 22 at the time, began dating 42 year old movie producer Benedict Bogeaus who was married to starlet Mimi Forsythe.  The two divorced and Bogeaus and Moran were married later that year.  Moran’s film career never really took off after her marriage to Bogeaus, who insisted she appear exclusively in his films.  After one child together and 14 years of marriage the two divorced in 1962.  Moran died in 1982 from cancer, but her beauty and grace live on in the photos and films she created throughout her lifetime.









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