Ab Horrence’s Burlesque Birthday Bash!

My amazing Boylesque friend Ab Horrence was thrown a surprise birthday party/burlesque show this past weekend by his amazing girlfriend.  There were so many fun acts and myself and my design partner Betty Quirk debuted a new act we’ve been working on.  Decked out in fringe covered outfits we shimmied and shook to the theme song to the film Faster Pussycat Kill Kill followed by the Cramps song “All Women are Bad”.  The party was a huge success and I think Ab Horrence had an unforgettable birthday!

Dolly Monroe and Betty Quirk GIRL FIGHT!!
Photo by Lick My Lens Cap http://www.lickmylenscap.com
Ab Horrence being seduced by Belle Jumelle
Ab Horrence and Belle Jumelle
Ab Horrence and Willy Wonder
St Stella and Cerise Noir
Cerise Noir sacrificing St Stella!
Dolly Monroe and Betty Quirk
Dolly Monroe, Scarlett LaFlamme and Betty Quirk hanging out backstage
Esther De Ville twirling her tassels for the birthday boy!
Us with a very happy birthday boy!

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