Electroswing Valentines!

I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day and this year I had a blast at the Electro Swing Club Party with some of my best friends!  It was a magical evening at Revival and of course we were all decked out in our finest retro attire.  A bunch of my friends participated in the costume contest, entering in the categories for Dashing Doll, Dapper Dude and Classy Couple, and they all won!  This magical evening would not have been complete without a titillating burlesque routine from the fabulous Charlie Quinn!

Myself and Meryle Trouble
Dapper Dudes
Alex Hurter, the dapperest of dudes!
Dashing Dames
The most dashing of dames Betty Quirk!
Classiest Couple? Leelando and Sevvy Skellington!
Leelando and Sevvy Skellington, super classy!
Charlie Quinn doing her best Marilyn!
Charlie Quinn
Charlie Quinn

Photos by David Tom


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