Lady in Red Lace pt 3

Happy Valentine’s Week!!

Full disclosure, I am single.  For over a year now I have put my love life on the back burner for a number of reasons.  That said, I have no shortage of love in my life and this week, as we celebrate the holiday of love, I want to remind everyone that romantic love is only one slice of the big love pie!  I have been lucky enough to find love in so many other places, from my family, who do and have done so much for me, to my incredible, close-knit group of friends who are always there to lift up, comfort and support each other.  Thank you to those truly important people in my life!  This Valentine’s day it is you who I keep in my heart and send copious amounts of love to!

I hope you enjoy the final photoset from my Lady in Red Lace series, shot by the wonderful Lunar Replicant.  Enjoy!

Lingerie set from Bettie Page Lingerie at Gigi’s House of Frills
Necklace from Rosita Bonita
Kimono by Dolly Monroe
Photos by Lunar Replicant 






Lady in Red Lace pt 2

The lady in red lace is back again with some more sultry images from Lunar Replicant!

These photos were taken at the truly gorgeous studio run by Provocateur Images.  They provided so many incredible sets and furniture pieces for our use and it really elevated the images and the experience for us!

I hope you enjoy part two of Lady in Red Lace!

Lingerie set from Bettie Page Lingerie at Gigi’s House of Frills
Necklace from Rosita Bonita
Kimono by Dolly Monroe
Photos by Lunar Replicant 






Lady in Red Lace

It’s a new year and this week I’m feeling like a new lady!

Last week I gave you a little tease and this week we’re going to jump right in with part one of a brand new photoset from the incredible Lunar Replicant!  These photos feature a framed photograph of my platonic boyfriend, the fabulous Leelando (photo by Quinton Cruickshanks).


Lingerie set from Bettie Page Lingerie at Gigi’s House of Frills
Necklace from Rosita Bonita
Kimono by Dolly Monroe
Photos by Lunar Replicant 






Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Screening

Come one, come all for a very special screening of the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with a burlesque opening number from myself and Betty Quirk!

July 27th at the Royal Cinema in Toronto @8pm

Click here to purchase tickets ahead of time.


Toronto Burlesque Festival Gold Diggers

Myself and my partner in crime, Betty Quirk, will be performing our Two Little Gold Diggers routine this Saturday evening at the Toronto Burlesque Festival!  We are part of the Glam-A-Ganza show and will definitely bring the Glam in our Gentlemen Prefer Blondes tribute act.  We don’t get to perform this act too often so you won’t want to miss a chance to see it!  Please enjoy these photos are from the amazing photographer Elizabeth Horodnyk!






Two Little Gold Diggers

This year’s Girlesque Expo in Toronto was an especially monumental one for me as it was the debut of a brand new act from myself and Betty Quirk.  It is hard for me to even put into words that joy that I felt finally bringing this act to life.  It has been a dream of ours for sometime to take the Little Rock number from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and put our own burlesque twist on it.  The scene, which has a very silly theme about finding a man with money, also showcases a genuine bond between two girlfriends who are navigating the world of men and relationships.  Betty and I enjoyed playing up both this friendship aspect as well as the silliness of the number and concluded with a whole lot of booty shaking.  We also took on the task of recreating the costumes from the film and creating our own fun undergarments.   It was a very successful show for us and we are very thankful to have such awesome photos from Photolena of our performance as well as a video from Candid Dragon Fire Productions which is at the bottom of this post.