Valley of the Dolls: Sam and Reddy

Sam and Reddy are two fun-loving, fabulous ladies with fierce minds to match!

On top of being a superbly stylish woman, Sam is also a PHD student, social worker and artist.  Her series of illustrations called Saucy Nüdles celebrates diverse body types and challenges heteronormative standards of beauty and her blog Braced explores her personal journey through life with a physical disability.  In her spare time Sam is also co-editing a book on fatness and motherhood.

Reddy is hilarious lady with an unending supply of silliness and light-hearted energy.  She is a comedian and the MC for Nerd Girl Burlesque and can be seen once a month on stage hosting Tassels and Tabletops.  Reddy is truly the life of the party and always puts a smile on my face.

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography



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