Eevee Burlesque at Super Smash Bras

On September 25th at the Great Hall in Toronto myself and my lovely burlesque buddies debuted a new act for the Super Smash Bra Nerdlesque show!  Peepshow TO put on this fun Nintendo themed show with acts featuring your favourite Nintendo characters.  Our group chose to represent Pokemon with an act inspired by Eevee and her evolutions Flareon and Vaporeon.  In this act Flareon (Delicia Pastiche) and Vaporeon (Henrietta VIII) are fighting over what type of Pokemon Eevee (myself) should evolve into.  After showing me the basics of pokemon stripping I decide not to choose either and instead become a Jolteon!

Please enjoy some fun photos from this act by Ruth Gillson, Chris Hutcheson and Lick My Lens Cap Photography!

Photo by Lick My Lens Cap
Photo by Ruth Gillson
Photo by Chris Hutcheson
Photo by Chris Hutcheson
Photo by Chris Hutcheson
Photo by Chris Hutcheson
Photo by Chris Hutcheson
Photo by Chris Hutcheson
Photo by Chris Hutcheron
Photo by Lick My Lens Cap

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