Beautiful Brittany

I first met Brittany in the summer of 2012.  I had just gotten out of a long term relationship in which I had become increasingly isolated from my friends.  Post-breakup I was feeling very lonely and while I had begun to rebuild past friendships I could also feel an empty void that needed to be filled with something new.  I remember vividly meeting Brittany for the first time.  She was the perfect picture of cool; bleach blonde hair in dreadlocks, lip ring, covered in tattoos and sporting a baby blue repro-vintage style dress printed with cartoon pinup girls.  It was a dress I knew well, as I had been coveting and searching for this exact garment for months to no avail.  There was Brittany wearing the dress of my dreams, the friend I had been looking for.  As we got to know each other we discovered we had more in common than just fashion.  Brittany is sharp as a whip, with a love of history and a Masters Degree under her belt.  She is a kind and compassionate friend with an unending love of animals, reading and baking.  Brittany is the kind of person who will always ask the questions that others dare not broach because she genuinely wants to know about you on a deeper level.  I feel so lucky to call Brittany my friend and happy to be able to share these photos of her with you.  As you can see Brittany is a beautiful lady, but I know that she is even more beautiful on the inside!







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