Laura Desiree at Girlesque 2014

Early in 2014 I was working tirelessly on one of the biggest costume commissions I have ever had. My muse, Miss Laura Desiree requested a new costume for the Girlesque Festival in Toronto. Working with her dance partner, Sexy Mark Brown, Laura wanted an outfit that had three changeable bottoms to reflect the three types of dance they were performing.  First a knee-length circle skirt for a romantic slow dance, then a pair of short shorts for their tap number, finally a long chiffon skirt for their ballroom waltz.  I also made a bustier to go with all three looks that was heavily embellished with lace, beading and swarovski crystals.  I absolutely love how these garments turned out and Laura looks absolutely lovely flowing through this dance.  Please check out the video below for the full routine.




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