Inspiration: Lili St Cyr

“Sex is currency. What’s the use of being beautiful if you can’t profit from it?”
– Lili St Cyr

 Beginning her career as a chorus girl in Hollywood, it didn’t take long before Lily St Cyr jumped out of the background and into the spotlight.  Singing and performing her own choreography on stage soon turned into a sensational career in the world of burlesque.  Lili St Cyr was one of the queens of burlesque in the 1940s and 50s, up there with the likes of Gypsy Rose Lee and Ann Corio.  One of her signature routines involved taking a bubble bath in a glass tub on stage.  Lili even broke into the film industry with roles in a handful of movies in the 1950s including The Miami Story and The Naked and the Dead.  One of Lili’s biggest fans was none other than Marilyn Monroe.  It was said that the overall look and many of the mannerisms of the Monroe character were inspired by Lili St Cyr.   Just like her career, her love life was anything but boring with 6 marriages and as many divorces under her belt.  She was even rumoured to have had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, but that was never proven for certain.  After a long, full life, Lili died in 1999 at the age of 80 leaving behind a legacy like no other.











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