Sam’s Style: Part 1

My super cute, super stylish friend Sam commissioned me to make her a series of dresses over the past year or so that encapsulate her fun, colourful style!  Each of these whimsical creations is created from the same base pattern, with slight alterations to each, and the choice of colour, pattern and print in the fabric is what really gives each dress it’s own unique feel.  Recently Sam and I adventured to a local park to snap some pinup shots of Sam in her very own line of dresses.  Today I will share 2 of the styles I created!

The Banana dress might be my favourite of the set.  The contrasting banana and blueberry fabrics are so fun, fruity and look good enough to eat!  This dress has a peter pan collar and long bow in the back.  We did a bit of a longer sleeve on this dress with the lovely blueberry fabric again as a cuff.  Sam is a knockout pinup queen in the dress!

pinup sam4_small

The Button dress was commissioned by our friend Rena for Sam’s birthday.  She found this amazing button fabric and let me run wild with it.  For the design of this dress I kept it a little more simple, no collar or tie, but the fun detail is the real buttons I sewed to the front of the dress.  They blend in so well that they are a fun little surprise when you see them up close!

pinup sam3_small



pinup sam5_small







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