Vintage Clothing Show

On Sunday my gal pal Brittany and I went to the Vintage Clothing Show at Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre.  We had an absolute ball browsing through vintage dresses, jewelry, accessories and art and each came away with some lovely pieces.  Here’s a taste of what we got up to at the show…

2014-03-23 00.41.27
I loved this beautiful red and white polka dot swing coat! It totally screamed Dolly! I didn’t end up getting it, but it was fun to try.

2014-03-23 00.35.51

2014-03-23 00.56.52

2014-03-23 00.56.56
I loved this elegant Adam and Eve necklace.
2014-03-23 01.01.05
So many lovely textiles.

2014-03-23 01.01.39

2014-03-23 01.36.15
Another one of my favourite fabrics! I would love to make a dress out of this.
2014-03-23 01.05.32
This ostrich feather boa was absolutely gorgeous and in amazing condition for it’s age! Note the photo beside it of the original owner wearing her beautiful boa.

2014-03-23 01.19.16

2014-03-23 01.32.58

2014-03-23 01.33.05


2014-03-23 01.34.11
Brittany has the perfect head for vintage hats! So I made her try a bunch on for photos. I love this one on her. How elegant!

2014-03-23 01.38.40

2014-03-23 01.48.43

2014-03-23 01.49.17

2014-03-23 01.18.23
This hat was the winner and went home with Brittany!

2014-03-23 02.03.20

2014-03-23 01.58.12

2014-03-23 01.59.17
My beautiful blogger friend, Irene from Petite Plus, Meow! (
2014-03-25 00.14.12
I bought two pairs of vintage earrings, including these lovely sparkly hoops!
2014-03-25 00.14.57
My other vintage earring find! Love the way these sparkle!
2014-03-25 00.01.42
A new vintage Vargas print to add to my collection! I love me a blonde bombshell!

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