Inspiration: Jayne Mansfield

“Dramatic art in her opinion is knowing how to fill a sweater.” – Bette Davis.

Sophia Loren & Jayne Mansfield 

Jayne Mansfield was a classic Blonde Bombshell whose career boomed in the 1950s and early 1960s.  Mansfield was often referred to as the “Working Man’s Monroe” due to her similarities with Marilyn, and many of her mannerisms and speech were based off of Monroe’s.  As a Classically Curvy girl, Jayne Mansfield offers a bounty of style inspiration.  While Marilyn had a timeless and elegant look, Mansfield was a little more wild and adventurous, playing with lots of animal print, metallic fabrics and of course very scandalously low cut tops.  Her signature colour was pink and she even had her Hollywood mansion painted pink and dubbed her “Pink Palace”.   

The crystal detail on this dress is divine! I’m also in love with the straps and crosshatching detail in the front. Tres Chic!
I’ll take two!
Platinum and Gold, what a combo!
The definition of Va Va Voom!

Check out this fun video of Jayne singing “Let’s Do It” with photos of her and her Pink Palace!

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