Well hello there!

My name is Hanna but you can call me Dolly. By day I work as the receptionist at a dance studio and by night I am a clothing and costume designer, seamstress and occasional burlesque performer in the wonderful city of Toronto. All day and all night I pride myself on being a fashionably stylish lady with an affinity for vintage inspired looks, girlish garb, bright colours, bold patterns and of course I rarely leave the house without perfectly painted lips. To me there is no better form of self expression than style; fashion is the air I breathe.

I’m not at all shy in saying I am a plus size woman who proudly displays the curves I’ve been graced with. I believe that every body is beautiful and the most important part of being a fashionista is knowing what fits and flatters your own figure. While I hesitate to describe my style as “vintage”, since to me that would involve a collection of vintage garments, I do draw incredible inspiration from 1940s, 50s and 60s fashion. 

This blog will be a diary of my personal style including photos, tips & tricks, inspiration, reviews, shopping finds, ongoing project updates and whatever else I can think of to entertain you. Please feel free to participate but do keep a positive attitude!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again!


Dolly Monroe


Banner photo and above photo by If You Fall Photography


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