Dolly on the Job

Recently at a party a fellow asked me if I always dress this way, specifically if I dress this way at work.  To which I enthusiasticly answered yes!  At my day job I am the face of the company.  When parents, students, teachers, strangers walk into the building it’s me they see sitting at the front desk.  Therefore I believe it is a part of my job to look polished and put together.  For the average girl that might mean wearing ‘buisness casual’ attire, having tidy hair and maybe a little makeup.  For me though, I look at every work day as an opportunity to express myself and put together fun, work-appropriate outfits!

One of my favourite things about dressing the way I do is that it makes those around me stop and take notice not only of the way I look but of their own style.  This morning while sitting at my desk a 10 year old girl came up to me with a big grin on her face.  “Hanna, look!” she said, pointing to her face, “I have new glasses!” The stylish metal frames perched atop her tiny nose gave this girl so much joy and the fact that she was so excited to show them to me brought a smile to my face too!


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