Zyra Lee Vanity: Hot Stuff

For my first Dolly Shots project of the year I has the absolute pleasure and honour of photographing the gorgeous Canadian Burlesque sensation; Zyra Lee Vanity!

Zyra Lee Vanity is one of the top 10 Burlesque performers in Canada.  She is an award winning, world travelling performer.  She also produces her own burlesque shows in Toronto including the upcoming Sexual Awakening Vol. 3: A 90s RnB Burlesque Tribute on February 24th at Round Venue.  You can also catch Zyra on stage with Speakeasy TO for their next show Bon Voyage on February 20th at Katana on Bay.

Stay tuned for even more fantastic photos of the beautiful Zyra Lee Vanity!

Harness from Aslan Leather
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography







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