Babes of Burlesque Finale Starring Knox Harter

Knox Harter is baring it all for the finale of Babes of Burlesque this week!

You can see this fantastic lady at the Toronto Burlesque Festival on Saturday, July 28th for Spellbound.  Knox is the artistic collaborator behind Spellbound on top of debuting a brand new act for this show!  You won’t want to miss out, so get your tickets today!

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the Babes of Burlesque series.  Thanks to my gorgeous models Charlie Quinn, Ivory, Ruby Moon, Dottie Champagne, St. Stella and Knox Harter! Special shout out to Leelando who lent us the gorgeous love seat you see in many of the photosets!  None of this would happen without the amazing help of Zach Garand!  And thank you to Inkast Studio for having us in your wonderful space!

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography with assistance from Zach Garand







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