Back in Black

Classically Curvy indeed…

I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic team of individuals for my latest photoshoot series!  The charming and lovely Katherine Bermudo was the Artistic Director and visionary behind this series and has been working behind the scenes with me to up my social media game for 2018.  Our two wonderful assistants Rachel and Khristianina were invaluable help in bringing it all together.  And of course my incredible photographer Jonathan Choi was the cherry on top of a fantastic photoshoot!








One thought on “Back in Black

  1. Very nice photography..beautiful color and IQ. I told one gal on WP her blog photo was too flat, she wrote me back a hate mail. A lot of the photos on WP are very amateurish and really eye sores to look at if you know anything about photography. It is refreshing to see some fine work here.

    You got some unusual eye makeup! Some of the beat girls had crazy eye makeup. Check this gal out, she is one of my favs from the 1950’s. She stands out from the rest of the models in the era. Her eye makeup was her trademark.

    (topless nude)

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