Be Right Back

On January 18th 2014 I started this blog as a way to express myself creatively through fashion, art and photography.  I am so proud that after 3 years I am still posting new content almost every week.  I am also so thankful to have found a loving audience who appreciates the work I am putting out and encourages me to continue to create more.

As I pass my third anniversary and as the demand grows, I have decided to stop and take some time to improve my technical skills and upgrade my equipment.  I’ve purchased my domain for this blog, which means I’ve dropped the .wordpress and am simply!  I am taking a photography class and have a brand new full frame camera in my kit!   I am so excited for what the future holds and the opportunity to share the journey with you!

So, what does that mean?  I’m going to be posting a lot less in the next few months.  I might have a few things to share along the way, but I will be back officially at the beginning of April with the second edition of The Valley of the Dolls.  Stay tuned for more glamour, more glitter and more 60s psychedelia as I relaunch Dolly Shots Photography!

See you then!


Photo by Photolena
Hair by Natasha Kaye


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