Super Kawaii Natasha

Anime lover and Cosplayer Natasha is back at it in these super kawaii photos!  This bubblegum haired babe is such a sweetie as she poses with her Domo doll.  Please enjoy another fun photoset from the lovely Natasha!

Photos by Dolly Shots Photography



4 thoughts on “Super Kawaii Natasha

  1. Little weeb moment.. Isn’t she like, too fantastically 3d, and, y’know.. Real.. To be a waifu? 😉
    Awesome set, you have a skill with lighting.. What kind of camera gear do you use?


    1. Thank you, Oliver! I still feel like such an amateur, but I’m trying!! I’m shooting with a very old Canon Revel XSI and at this point just natural light. Thanks for your continued support! I have one more set of Natasha from this shoot that I know you will love.


      1. I’m sure I will! You have in general a great set of models, i apologize if i come off as simply too impartial to one!

        Canon rebel is still a good camera to get your roots from! Much better than the half-broken Olympus I had to learn from. Also, all artists were amateurs at some point or another.. You have a gift with the lens, as well as articulating that which you’re passionate about. Keep shining.

        Also, happy belated birthday!
        – O


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