World Pride: Rocky Horror Picture Show

As part of World Pride and because I am a life long Rocky Horror Groupie, I decided to check out Excited Mental State‘s Pride Show!

As usual the cast was spot on with their shadow casting of the film.  In case you are not familiar with the tradition of Rocky Horror, typically a cast will act out the film while it is playing and add their own spin on things.  There is a lot of audience participation, including callbacks and the use of props at certain cues in the film.  In Toronto we are very lucky to have an amazing cast that has been running for over 30 years and always has a hilarious take on this classic cult movie.

Here are some of the photos I took last Friday night for the Rocky Horror Pride Show!

2014-06-27 10.57.30
The beautiful Dixie Rect getting ready for the show
Ralph and Betty were played by my recently engaged friends Trevor and Sam! Congrats guys!
2014-06-27 11.49.07
My friend Meryle Trouble started the show as Trixie!

2014-06-27 11.51.07

2014-06-27 12.05.23

2014-06-27 12.08.09
Rena is perfect as Columbia!
2014-06-27 12.10.48
Sweet Transvestite

2014-06-27 12.14.00

2014-06-27 12.19.08

2014-06-27 12.22.03

2014-06-27 12.24.54
Get those tits off my tank!

2014-06-27 12.28.58

2014-06-27 12.29.40
Oh Myyy
2014-06-27 12.33.53
The Crim
2014-06-27 12.43.24
Toucha-Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me!

2014-06-27 12.47.30

2014-06-27 12.53.20
The beautiful Rubie Magnitude played Magenta
2014-06-27 12.55.43
Dammit Janet

2014-06-27 12.56.05

2014-06-27 12.57.23

2014-06-27 12.59.58

2014-06-27 13.02.11

2014-06-27 13.03.06

2014-06-27 13.04.37

2014-06-27 13.05.21

2014-06-27 13.08.38

2014-06-27 13.09.34

2014-06-27 13.16.59


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